Single: Tone Damli ft Eric Saade – “Imagine” (2012)

Haven’t done a new release for a little while, let alone a nice Scandinavian release. Tone Damli is a total stranger to me, but I gather from a quick Google that she found fame on Norwegian Ido, 2005’s runner up. She’s also dabbled in Eurovision, coming second in the Norwegian pre-selection to a certain Alexander Rybak in 2009.

Eric Saade needs no introduction to me though, who suddenly hit the Swedish pop A-List as a runner up in 2010’s Melodifestivalen to ill-fated Anna Bergendahl, but got a second bite at the cherry in 2011 where he got the ticket to represent Sweden in Dusselorf’s contest, reversing Sweden’s poor fortunes and coming an impressive 3rd.

Time now for a bit of cross-border promotion for both artists, with a duet from Tone’s new album “Looking back”. I gather it’s a lot closer to a typical Saade single than a Tone one, but that certainly does no harm, with a harsh electronic rhythm as the bed to a gorgeously catchy summer lite-dance pop hit.

The video certainly will get some attention by pitching both its gorgeous Nordic stars in various states of undress. It’s all tastefully done of course, and there’s a beautiful backdrop to all this, looks somewhere Mediterranean.

The song isn’t reinventing the wheel, and makes good use of both artists’ solid vocals, maybe making up for what they lack in technical expertise by keeping the production light and bouncy.

I certainly am pleased to see a bit more of Saade, I’m sure I’m not alone there (why does everyone have to get tattoos though?!), and it’s a nice stopgap between Saade Vol.2 and whatever album comes next.

Tone doesn’t make a massive impression on me, but she seems capable of some great pop songs if she’s lucky, so I’ll keep an ear out for her.


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