Single: Lene Marlin – “You weren’t there” (2003)

Ok I admit it, I really couldn’t get on with “Another Day”. A while after reviewing “Playing my game” on this blog, I thought maybe another dose of Lene Marlin was in order. But it was just so… difficult. Difficult in that there was only a briefest glimmer of commerciality, and the rest was bleak introspective songs that just didn’t make a big impact on me.

So I will stick to the shining light of the album, and put said back in the “to do” pot for … well, for another day. I instead turn my attention to the beautiful lead single that is easily my favourite song of hers. As with her earlier singles, there’s a radio-friendly feel to the music, but Lene’s really not a happy bunny, and it’s easy to sleepwalk through this song without really listening to the lyrics.

As I interpret it, Lene is singing to someone who has abandoned some people who needed support, but in their hour of need, this person, well, wasn’t there. It’s a familiar topic of many people, a friend just drifted away, perhaps carelessly left their friends hanging.

The delivery of the lyrics is expertly done, with Lene not really putting any fire into it, just a melancholy disappointment to her words. After all, this is what it’s about, disappointment in someone (or at least how I see it). It could easily have been a snails-pace acoustic ballad, but the oddly pacey production with its swirling synth effects really make this into a triumph.

Plenty of choice lyrics too, “You weren’t there, distant, far away. It’s like this every day, they see you in their heads, wonder if you’ll come. Afraid to close their eyes, and miss you once again”. All in all a very special Lene song for me, I can relate to it, and musically just makes me feel funny inside. I haven’t really heard any of Lene’s more recent stuff, but I hope she’s in a happier place now.


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