Album: Kylie Minogue – “Let’s get to it” (1991)

I’m finally ready to dispense with the final PWL album. I’m happy that this isn’t such a sacred cow, it takes the pressure off having to overrate everything. Disappointingly though, I rather enjoyed it. Yes it’s dated, and not particularly groundbreaking, but it’s reasonably solid and a (marginally) little more sexed-up.

07 Word is out – I don’t think I was familiar with the singles from this, I had heard of Word Is Out but I’m only dimly familiar with it. This connects the dots nicely with the previous albums, it feels quite familiar after the previous output but still feels like progress. Some man has got Kylie’s back up and been creeping around etc. Not much VENOM to it really, as usual her delivery isn’t very emotive but I’m used to that. It’s a little naff but not in an unbearable way that the cheesier parts of the earlier albums were. Am I the only one to hear a bit of Super Mario in that keyboard middle-8?

08 Give me just a little more time – I DETESTED this back in the day, I remember it well now. But for some reason I don’t mind it at all, it’s very fluffy and retro, though I can imagine having NO patience for it when I’m in a bad mood. It feels rather out of place here, almost like it should be a bonus track on a re-issue, but no, here it is, a single no less. I see Word Is Out had (relatively) flopped before this, presumably it was a bit of cheese to get the old fans back on board? I have decided I now DO rather like the BRRRR bits.

07 Too much of a good thing – Back to normal now, this sounds a bit more like early 90s Kylie should be in my mind. This isn’t necessarily a very exciting prospect, this does feel like a polished enough track, it’s just not very exciting. Sorry, I don’t have a lot more to say about this one, ho hum.

10 Finer feelings – Now this is more like it, the only track I already had on my iPod. I really love this, even though it’s essentially covering the same ideas of earlier tracks (i.e. gender-related differences), albeit with more sex. Our Kylie is no slag, and she doesn’t want people poking her unless they are really into her. Is that oversimplifying? Anyway it’s all very smooth and mature (I’m at a loss for adjectives, can you tell?), WELL DONE KYLES.

05 If you were with me now – Yack, what a sickly ballad. The second single, how have I never heard of this?? Whatever, it revived interest in the album after the lead single misfire, somehow. It’s a duet with Keith Washington, who I’ve never heard of, and seems had very limited success in the early 90s. This really isn’t my thing, sounds like a not-very-catchy version of a Disney love song, or worse, something Mariah did. This has NO impact on me whatsoever, what a comedown.

06 Let’s get to it – Ooh-hoo-woooo … Kylie’s after a bit of action by the sounds of it. Or maybe, the lyrics are so vague you could also interpret it as her just wanting a long-term relationship. Judging by the Louise-esque music, I can’t imagine she’s waiting for someone to stick it in her, which feels like a bit of a cop-out. It’s all quite cute but insubstantial, and I don’t think you need a PhD in Kylieology to know when to give up digging for deeper meanings.

06 Right here, right now – Another track, this is harder work that I remember. Musically it’s alright, about par for the course, but it just doesn’t seem to be saying anything. I haven’t really taken anything away from listening to this, it just seems to be a song about wanting someone to come over I guess, but that’s about IT. Just a bit of a contrast with something like Finer Feelings.

07 Live and learn – OK a bit of an improvement, this feels like an actual finished song at least. I like this rather odd percussion noise they are using, even if the song isn’t too interesting. It’s nice enough, one thing I do like about this album is that it feels like there is a defined sound to, just not a consistent level of quality, it’s all over the place in that respect. Again I don’t feel like I have a lot to say about this one, it’s alright.

07 No world without you – Ballad time now, reminds me a little of One More Chance (mandatory Madonna reference). That’s a good thing, I liked that song. Quite mellow and a good closer (though it’s NOT the closer). I’m not sure if her friend has just left her, or died, I suppose that’s another vague lyric that you can put whatever meaning to. It’s nice but I’m still not a fan of how she sings particularly, I’m hoping she is going to lose some of those particular habits as we progress (though listening to Aphrodite, I won’t hold my breath).

08 I guess I like it like that – A Salt n Pepa / 2 Unlimited mashup? I wasn’t expecting THAT, and I rather like it in a crap way! I know it’s a bit shit but I can happily dispense with complaints that the lyrics aren’t saying much, because we have some disco to distract ourselves. It’s never going to be a noted 90s dance anthem or anything, but it’s a bit of fun, something this album is often lacking.

OK well that’s over with. I don’t think this an album that lends itself to dissection, while there are a few really good songs, there are also a few that just feel a bit empty and fit the most basic definition of a filler track. That said, I like the general sound of the album, the early 90s is a lot more familiar to me than that turn-of-the-80s cheese (which ironically I grew up with). This isn’t a BAD album per se, just a little muddled, the progression in sound is there, but it takes too many boring detours along the way.

Keepers for the iPod: Finer Feelings, I guess I like it like that (maybe).


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