Tokyo e ikimasu yo!

Hey guys, how’s it GOING?

I am exhausted, this week has been such a drain on my energy. Mostly just freaking out about a job interview I had today. I don’t think I really want it, the money is much better than I’m on now, but I just don’t think I’d enjoy it that much. As tempting as it would be to sell out for a good salary, I don’t think it’s a good choice.

Which is just as well because I went to the wrong building to start with (fortunately the real one was a 2 minute walk away, but the interviewer knew I did it), and the interview was pretty tough going. Maybe this dilemma will settle itself.

I had wondered if I wanted to take the interview at all, but a connection through work got it for me and I thought it would make him look bad if I didn’t do it. Hopefully giving a shitty interview won’t make him look bad either, but I think that was always on the cards!

As a result of this totally irrational worry, I hadn’t had a chance to get too excited for my big holiday to JAPAN tomorrow. I’m there for a week, and with the aid of my Japan Rail pass, I’m planning to see Kyoto, Nara, Nikko and Nagoya, as well as Tokyo. Nagoya is a bit of a worry, my Japanese teacher arranged for me to meet her mother and other relatives, who will give me a tour. Except they don’t know English, oops. Let’s hope that the present of  tea will help oil the wheels of intercontinental goodwill.

Wish me luck!

PS I am trying to keep up the one-post-a-day trend on this blog, so don’t be alarmed when you see the posts appear while I’m away, I’ve put them on a timer! You guys are lucky to have me!

Mata ne! (see you later, or something like that)



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