Eurovision 2012: Jury + Televote split revealed & examined!

Well there’s not much more left to say about Eurovision 2012, apart from my countdown of my favourite tracks (coming soon!). There’s still one story left though, one that broke today – namely the announcement of the results split by jury and public televote. OK sure, it’s a statistical geekfest for fans, but one that still could provide a few shocks about last month’s results.

If you didn’t know already, all scores are split in half. Each country has a public televote after all the songs are performed. A shadowy national jury of musical experts also rank the songs based on the performances in the so-called “Jury dress rehearsal” on the day before the final. The points generated by these two rankings are combined to reach a final ranking for each country (I believe the televote takes precedence in any tie-break), and the subsequent 12, 10, 8 etc. points are the ones you hear.

Juries were re-introduced formally a few years ago, perhaps as a measure to preserve the artistic integrity of the contest. In other words, to prevent any shameless trashy crowd-pleaser from running away with victory and dragging the contest into total chaos. That’s the idea though, and there is always plenty of speculation now about which songs would have benefitted from the jury votes, and which were popular with the public. And now we know! Deep breath, there’s a lot to get through!!


Place Televote Pts Jury vote
Pts Combined Pts
1 Russia 189 Albania 131 Russia 152
2 Romania 132 Moldova 107 Albania 146
3 Albania 131 Greece 103 Romania 120
4 Ireland 116 Cyprus 90 Greece 116
5 Greece 110 Romania 87 Moldova 100
6 Cyprus 99 Denmark 81 Ireland 92
7 Moldova 85 Hungary 76 Cyprus 91
8 Iceland 79 Russia 75 Iceland 75
9 Denmark 53 Israel 72 Denmark 63
10 Switzerland 49 Ireland 72 Hungary 52
11 Hungary 39 Iceland 70 Switzerland 45
12 Finland 36 Finland 57 Finland 41
13 San Marino 25 Switzerland 45 Israel 33
14 Montenegro 24 San Marino 42 San Marino 31
15 Latvia 18 Belgium 38 Montenegro 20
16 Israel 16 Montenegro 28 Latvia 17
17 Austria 15 Austria 27 Belgium 16
18 Belgium 2 Latvia 17 Austria 8

In terms of the qualifiers, the public and juries were impressively in sync, agreeing on 9 of the 10 qualifiers. The public would have preferred Switzerland to scrape through for a second year running, while the juries wanted Israel to make up for Dana International’s shock defeat in last year’s semi-finals. In the latter case, Israel came a distant 16th in the televote with the biggest benefactor of jury points against the televote.

Iceland and Hungary shouldn’t feel too guilty though, neither were disliked by either group. Indeed Hungary were ranked 11th by the televote, and Iceland – perhaps surprisingly – were saved by the public after very narrowly missing the jury selection.

Perhaps the bigger stories from this semi were the big televote hits whose successes weren’t reflected in the jury votes. Russia is the biggie, totally sweeping this semi’s televote. Even the jury trying their best to sink the song in 8th wasn’t enough to stop the grannies winning the semi overall. In general, a spread-out jury vote meant that big public hits had more clout. Migrant worker favourite Romania and Ireland’s Jedward appealed to the public, with lukewarm reactions from the juries (they placed Jedward in 10th).


Place Televote Pts Jury vote
Pts Combined Pts
1 Sweden 180 Sweden 145 Sweden 181
2 Serbia 148 Serbia 141 Serbia 159
3 Lithuania 128 Ukraine 109 Lithuania 104
4 Turkey 114 Estonia 102 Estonia 100
5 Estonia 88 Malta 97 Turkey 80
6 Norway 72 Bosnia & Herzegovina 77 Bosnia & Herzegovina 77
7 Bosnia & Herzegovina 70 Croatia 66 Malta 70
8 Macedonia 63 Georgia 62 Ukraine 64
9 Bulgaria 59 Macedonia 58 Macedonia 53
10 Netherlands 51 Lithuania 55 Norway 45
11 Malta 39 Belarus 52 Bulgaria 45
12 Belarus 37 Portugal 49 Croatia 42
13 Portugal 37 Turkey 42 Portugal 39
14 Croatia 34 Slovenia 40 Georgia 36
15 Slovakia 32 Slovakia 40 Netherlands 35
16 Slovenia 27 Netherlands 31 Belarus 35
17 Ukraine 24 Bulgaria 27 Slovenia 31
18 Georgia 15 Norway 25 Slovakia 22

Altogether much more divisive semi now, despite the public & juries agreeing on 8 qualifiers. The public lost their 9th & 10th picks (Bulgaria & Netherlands), while the juries lost their 7th & 8th picks (Croatia & Georgia). The interesting point here is the lengths the other group went to dredge up these contentious qualifiers into the combined top 10.

The public ranked Malta 11th, with an impressive 5th place with the juries dragging it into the final. The incredible division between juries and the public on Ukraine. I had this down as a public favourite, but they ranked it second-last (17th), with the juries ranking it an astonishing 3rd. When the dust settled, Gaitana made a comfortable 8th place. What the hell?!

More insane disagreements on the other side of the coin too. The public clashed with the juries, on eventual qualifiers Turkey and Norway. Another diaspora benefactor Turkey ended up 13th in the jury vote, but 4th in the public vote. Perhaps the Turks and their fans were keen not to miss another final after last year. I imagined Norway was more-or-less agreed upon as a decent but toothless entry, but I couldn’t be more wrong. The juries placed it dead last, but the public’s 6th place put it in a head-to-head with Bulgaria, one it won by getting votes (televote no doubt) from more countries.

Bulgaria suffered a similar fate by the juries, but Sofi’s weaker televote spread meant she just missed the final. Oddly Georgia came 8th in the jury rank, while the public hated it and placed them last. Finally, poor hapless Netherlands managed to get the nod from the televote, coming 10th, but the juries sunk Joan’s entry in 16th place.


Place Televote Pts Jury vote
Pts Combined Pts
1 Sweden 343 Sweden 296 Sweden 372
2 Russia 332 Serbia 173 Russia 259
3 Serbia 211 Albania 157 Serbia 214
4 Turkey 176 Italy 157 Azerbaijan 150
5 Azerbaijan 151 Spain 154 Albania 146
6 Germany 125 Estonia 152 Estonia 120
7 Romania 117 Ukraine 125 Turkey 112
8 Albania 106 Azerbaijan 118 Germany 110
9 Greece 89 Moldova 104 Italy 101
10 Ireland 89 Germany 98 Spain 97
11 Macedonia 79 Russia 94 Moldova 81
12 Estonia 78 Cyprus 85 Romania 71
13 Moldova 75 France 85 Macedonia 71
14 Lithuania 68 Lithuania 82 Lithuania 70
15 Cyprus 63 Bosnia & Herzegovina 71 Ukraine 65
16 Bosnia & Herzegovina 57 Malta 70 Cyprus 65
17 Italy 56 Macedonia 69 Greece 64
18 Spain 45 Greece 60 Bosnia & Herzegovina 55
19 Iceland 39 Iceland 53 Ireland 46
20 Ukraine 37 Romania 53 Iceland 46
21 United Kingdom 36 Denmark 51 Malta 41
22 Hungary 20 Turkey 50 France 21
23 Denmark 18 Hungary 30 Denmark 21
24 Norway 16 Norway 24 Hungary 19
25 Malta 10 Ireland 14 United Kingdom 12
26 France 0 United Kingdom 11 Norway 7

Wow, this post is LONG. Nonetheless, the end is in sight! The good news is that both the public and the juries agreed on Sweden’s victory. Only just though, with Loreen only winning the televote by a slim 11 votes over Russia. In fact the televote was quite polarised, with Russia & Sweden a massive distance ahead of the pack. Unfortunately this left few votes for the bottom of the table, and poor Anggun got the dreaded “nul points”.

So who benefitted from the televote? The juries again tried their best to scuttle the Russian grannies, placing them in a lowly 11th, but the public goodwill was just too much, and they joined Sweden in receiving points from all but one of the eligible countries. The effect of migrant diaspora boosted Turkey & Romania’s fortunes as they did in the semi-finals, with Turkey’s 8th place finish a product of 4th place in the televote and 22nd in the jury vote. Romania had a lesser but still eye-catching disparity (7th vs 20th). Ireland also went down well with the public, finishing 10th in the televote, but torpedoed by the juries who ranked it 25th, ouch!

The juries did their best to rescue other entries though, notably coming to the aid to the Big Five’s females. Italy and Spain both ranked in the jury top 5, but the televote stranded them in 17th & 18th place, resulting in a precarious finish in the top 10. They took pity on poor Anggun too, who scored nothing from the public. Even a 13th place from the juries wasn’t enough to help much, and France didn’t even get close to the top 20. That fixation on Ukraine persisted, with the public ranking it 20th against 7th on the jury rank.

OK that’s enough, there are plenty of eyebrow-raising points in there, too numerous to mention! A real bag of surprises though, wasn’t it? Now I’ve thoroughly bored you beyond the point of caring, I will unleash my ESC2012 countdown in a few weeks time. Later! x


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