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Album: Kylie Minogue – “Enjoy yourself” (1989)

Here we go again with the second leg of my Kylie odyssey, still in deepest darkest SAW territory. I’m happy to say that I liked this a little more than the first album, it’s still not exactly the sort of thing I would put on (like, ever), but the big guns don’t stand totally surrounded by filler, and the whole thing is mercifully short.

08 Hand on your heart – Well the singles are front-loaded, so time to coast through the good times while we can. This is certainly one of the songs that springs to mind when I think of early Kylie, though I don’t recall knowing it much at the time, I think I may have moved on to Jason Donovan by then (I was so discerning). Anyway, lovely pop song that doesn’t sound really dated, quite amazing really. The VOX don’t quite hold up, but in fairness I don’t expect MUCH from her in that respect.

09 Wouldn’t change a thing – Not sure about the stuttery intro, and the music is generic as hell, even by SAW standards. However, the tune itself is really pretty gorgeous, the choruses make me feel a bit TINGLY, I just love the way it’s structured. If I HAD … to do it all again. Really reminds me of my childhood.

08 Never too late – A bit more uptempo now (though I suppose no more than HOYH). In fact I feel about the same about this as HOYH, it’s a very nice memorable pop song, though I don’t really feel enough for it to make me love it. I’m happy enough to hear it, she’s certainly done a lot worse.

07 Nothing to lose – Getting a little weary of this template for a song, they all sound quite similar and about roughly the same thing. As a result I’m having trouble getting too excited with it. Maybe I’m being unfair but this album is wearing out its welcome by this point, a little worrying since we are only on track 4.

06 Tell tale signs – A ballad! Finally … well sort of. A little Grease-esque I feel, I’m starting to think I would appreciate this album more if I was a teen girl (or just an orange gay). All the songs are about either wanting to go out with a boy, breaking up with a boy, having a nice relationship with boy etc etc. SNOOZING RIGHT NOW.

07 My secret heart – Something a little unusual now, I’m not sure if I like it! And after all that complaining about the generic album so far… can’t really can’t please me can she? Rather twee and the vocals are an issue here, though I appreciate the bit of variety here. It’s a bit Dear Jessie, and NOT in a particularly good way.

07 I’m over dreaming (over you) – Back to the template it is then! Basically a reprise of Nothing To Lose, perhaps where the boy in that song said NO THANKS KYLIE I’M GAY. She’s moving on though, well done Kylz. Moving on a little too easily, she seems to have about ZERO emotion going on here. Wow, I thought I liked this album, doesn’t seem like it does it?! … never mind, the songs are short. I’m not sure if I really like or dislike “You’re striiiiinging me a-LONG”.

09 Tears on my pillow – Now I do quite like this, from the slut-tastic sax effect at the start, this really IS a Grease-sounding track. It’s really quite a nice 50s pastiche throwback piece of nonsense. That whole “Love is not a GADGET” thing is all rather wonderful too! While SAW Kylie was gay in a generic way, I’m pleased that she managed to achieve camp nonsense critical-mass at one point during this album.

07 Heaven and Earth – Like the intro, but it’s a bit of a DRAG generally. The production isn’t bad, I like the feel of the song, but it needs work to stop it feeling so dreary I think. I think I just zoned out for a minute there, but I don’t appear to have missed much. I like the harmonies, even if the backing singers were probably AUTOMATONS.

08 Enjoy yourself – Now I like the backing track on this, uptempo but still quite fresh-sounding. Happily not about some boy-crush too, just a nice song about having fun. Not a lot to it, but I think the production just makes it rather lovely and PEPPY. Though by God do SAW know how to make a song drag on…

10 Especially for you – Now this is the shit right here. I loved this as a kid, and still think it is one of those really amazing pop songs that could be covered easily and still be great. Kylie ropes in old JASE for a 1989 MEGADUET, and is easily one of the highlights of SAW Kylie. AMAZING

I feel like overall it’s been quite a negative review, though really it’s not so bad if you’ve just got it on while you are doing something else. Personally I don’t think any deep investigation into this or the last album would reveal any layers at all, so I’m not going to get too upset at what felt like a rather shallow album with some nice highlights. In fact the lyrics were probably written in about the same time as it took me to review it… But whatever, onwards and upwards eh? I know (or I hope) that there is better stuff to come.

Keepers for the iPod: Wouldn’t change a thing, Tears on my pillow, Especially for you

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