Game: Tiny Tower (iOS / Android)

Am I reviewing apps now? Well apparently I am, which is only really fair considering the amount of time I pour into this bottomless pit of TORMENT! Ahem. So yeah, this is Tiny Tower.

The concept is simple. You have a tower block, and you can add more floors to it with more money. You get money from your tenants who double up as staff in the shops you create as you add more floors. But then you need more apartment floors to staff the shops. To keep building these floors you need more money, and so on.

There’s not really a POINT to this game, or should I say an end-point, you can continue making floors as you please. You just need to keep your shops stocked (a simple 1-2 second operation per shop) to keep the money rolling in, but if you don’t, then it’s no sweat, it just shuts until you do.

This game keeps running without you in real time, so later on (I’ve just built my 75th floor) it takes over a day for your new floors to be built. You can speed things up with one of the in-game currencies ‘Bux’, allowing you to re-stock or complete building a floor instantly at a cost (proportional to the time it would need naturally). But these Bux are easy but slow to come by (unless you buy some with REAL MONEY), so it’s usually just worth letting it go.

It’s an ingenious model really, it’s a free game to play, but those impatient people can throw real money at it (via in-game purchases) to speed their progress. It looks gorgeous, that popular 8-bit retro look and cutesy drone characters being very fashionable right now. The humour is fun too, (why does one of my residents keep ordering kittens for the smoothie shop?) and there is even a cute Facebook-style feed where the residents comment on (and “like”) their existences in the tower.

I’ve been playing this far too long, but it’s just so addictive. Sometimes I get angry at it, why am I still continuing this game that goes nowhere? I’ve pretty much dropped all my other games too. Poor Draw Something.

Worth a free download anyway. BUT AT WHAT COST?


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