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Peaked too soon? But thanks anyway

Oh well, I am struggling to keep up with the “post a day” pace I set in high Eurovision season, and since tonight my friend from work has plied me with MOST of a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea, I don’t feel like I’m in a good state to write anything sensible. So why not have a little chat with you guys (even if these are always one-way)?

So it wasn’t much more than a month ago that I was thanking you all on my 2000th blog view. This came a few months after the 1000th view, which took me over 6 months to reach. And yet in that last month, I’m still struggling to believe I’ve crossed 15,000 views.

But nevertheless, here we are. I said several times over the course of the Eurovision week – that drove the explosion of interest – that I was so grateful and moved by the support I’ve received for this blog, and I’d like to repeat that now. If nobody read this, I would have given up, and to see the number of countries I get views from is surreal and amazing.

But Eurovision season is over now, and I have to deal with the idea that I might have to go back to celebrating if I get a whole week with 10 views per day. I’d like to think I’ve picked up some readers, so please “like” this post or something just so I know you’re there!!

I just want this thing to be fun, for me AND you, otherwise what’s the point? Sure there will be more Eurovision stuff, as it’s something I like to write about, but there will be the usual reviews of stuff too, and maybe if I find something worth talking about I’ll do more chatty entries too!

Anyway I don’t know what my point was, I just love you guys. If my view counts go back in the toilet, then there’s always next Eurovision isn’t there, and by God I’ll try to be ready next time!


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