Movie: Prometheus (2012)

Fresh from the Avengers’ massive success, it was time for another big movie. Before the big summer blockbusters come along we have Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien franchise over 30 years after the original “Alien” film, in the shape of prequel “Prometheus”. Maybe it’s not really a prequel, the storylines are largely unconnected, apart from the titular spacecraft being the reason Ripley & co. are dispatched in the original film.

It stars the always-intriguing Noomi Rapace as strong-willed scientist Elizabeth Wake, who travels with her awesomely hot boyfriend Holloway to an alien world depicted in cave paintings throughout humanity. They do this via a substantial investment from the private sector, characterised mostly by the icy Charlize Theron and an unsettling robot Michael Fassbender. Along with captain Idris Elba and various expendable crew members they investigate this new world to try and understand the alien race’s part in the birth of humanity.

This film looks incredible, really well visualised with some stunning cinematography. I was very pleased at the minimal use of jump-scares, and yet the tension is built up incredibly well, the second half really had me on the edge of my seat. Perhaps the plot moves a little ponderously at the start, and some key points are telegraphed rather bluntly but I can turn a blind eye to most of it.

It certainly feels like it will fit in well with the original franchise in terms of fan love, and even leaves the door open for non-Alien-reboot sequels at a tangent to that franchise, though without giving too much away there are certain practical restraints that would make it very different to “Prometheus”.

I thought overall this was a brilliant movie, not too po-faced and was accessible for franchise newcomers too. It didn’t get swallowed up in its own importance either, which was a concern (take note, Dark Knight Rises). Noomi is a wonderful actress, I loved her in the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movies, and certainly captured the “I’m not going to take this shit” attitude of Ripley in similarly horrible circumstances.

Brilliant! See it!


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