Single: Cheryl Cole – “Call my name” (2012)

Don’t call it a comeback, Cheryl’s got a new single out. Fresh from a career face-plant after leaving the UK X-Factor for the US version, only to get dumped from the judging panel before she even had a chance to start, brave Cheryl is pressing on with the pop career.

Goodness knows she’s pulling out all the stops this time. Second album “Messy little raindrop” (!) showed promise with a hit lead single in “Promise this” but the wheels fell off the campaign and neither the album nor the follow-up single made much impact once Christmas was over.  This time with a bigger US profile than before, she’s evidently trying to consolidate her goodwill in the UK while making headway into the States.

She’s teamed up with Scottish DJ/producer Calvin Harris, a pretty shrewd move since Calvin’s star is still rising after the massive success with Rihanna’s “We found love” last autumn. The result is a pretty convincing pop effort, and despite the eyebrow-raising intro (complete with French philosophy), she’s really gained a lot of confidence since her last album.

I mean you’d have to be to wear those trousers… but just something in her eyes makes me think she’s in it to win it now. If it doesn’t work out, well she’s still got the Girls Aloud 10-year reunion hasn’t she?

I still haven’t got a grip on what Calvin’s sound IS, which I guess is a good thing, other producers fall out of favour for being too repetitive, so he’s doing well. It’s a real 90s dance anthem, something that goes down well these days. Seriously, is there a 90s revival going on now that I missed the start of??

I won’t pretend this is a groundbreaking piece of music, but it appeals to my nostalgia, both for 90s dance craze, and for Girls Aloud. A lot of people seem to relish being awful abou Cheryl, but she’s got something about her. I’d be tempted to wish her lukewarm luck in case it jeapordises Girls Aloud’s chances of ever reuniting properly, but that would be in poor taste. It’s certainly a lot better than most of the crap that’s been No.1 this year…


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