My Kate Bush Top 30: #5 – #1

Time to wrap this one up finally. If you are just joining us, I have written track-by-track reviews of all Kate Bush’s albums, as well as a big bunch of B-Sides and Rarities, so search for Kate Bush in my tag cloud (or whatever you crazy kids do these days) to see the rest. But for now it’s time to reveal my top 5 Kate Bush tracks…

But before that, one more little interlude:

Aerial Tal
From Aerial

Last interlude now, and back we go to Aerial for Kate turning into crazy bird lady. I’ve said before that this is probably the best Kate Bush minute you can probably spend.

As before, I love the birdsong, but now she joins in, it has to be heard to be believed!


But now on to the big five…

5. Babooshka
From Never for ever

Time for another of the big hitters to bow out, but WHAT a song. Infamous, I think this could even rival Wuthering Heights in terms of public awareness. A brilliant story told wonderfully and memorably.

The music fits it perfect, a brilliantly fun piece with THAT costume


4. Army Dreamers
From Never for ever

Never for Ever gets another hit in the top 5 now, this time with a more subdued track with another memorable video, though for different reasons. What a fucking great video.

So a ballad about all those hot young squaddies getting blown up, quite tenderly done but rather intriguing by its matter-of-factness about these sort of fatalities. It doesn’t have the hooks of some of her other favourites, but certainly leaves a lasting impression.


3. Wow
From Lionheart

Yeah, I’m surprised too at how much I love this, I agree with whoever I knew that said it was very difficult to think of a chart, since Kate’s songs are all very distinct, it’s like comparing apples with oranges.

But the choice had to be made and this outsider just takes me down every time. That intro is just so spellbinding, I can’t get enough of it. The verses I admit are a bit flakey but that chorus is just like honey, waltzing around with little 70s synth flourishes.

Though the song itself is quite positive, about some big star of the stage, there’s this weird tone to the whole song that’s quite sad, I can’t quite articulate what I mean. Perhaps because every time I try to think, the chorus kicks in with its Wooowoooowooww and my heart melts and breaks at the same time *faints*


2. Running up that hill
From Hounds of Love

Oh my shitting hell, what an beat. Relentless and simple, it’s perfect. I love the drama of this song, obviously another one of her big ones, bringing her in from the cold outreaches of the singles chart and regenerating her US fanbase.

The song itself makes a huge impact, I used to think it was about some sort of trade to save a terminal lover or something, but I now know that it’s really about wanting to trade roles with her lover to see what it would be like. But this rather lighthearted explanation doesn’t detract from the throbbing monster of a track. LOVE IT. That outro is just too much too *faints again*


1. Mrs Bartolozzi
From Aerial

So um… yeah! I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but this song, I can’t forget it. It’s honestly not a contrary random choice on purpose! I sort of relate to it, that’s the key. I can just imagine Kate, post-fame, whiling away her twilight years in some rather sad housewive retirement. With a cold husband, she takes solace in the fumblings of their clothes going around in the washing machine.

I don’t know, it just paints a picture so vivid in my mind that it just makes me feel so sad, like this woman exists. The song brings out such beautiful imagery from such mundane situations, like the washing machine and the clothes on the line (“it looks SO ALIIIIVE”).

There’s just such conflicting emotions in here, longing, despair, little moments of optimism in an otherwise dismal existence. I just think it’s such an incredible song, it feels impossible to list it with all the ones you could think of as singles. An oddity, but it affects me too much to ignore.


Well that’s it!! I’ve got a clutch more of the back catalogue reviews for some artists, so I’ll post them over the coming months to keep the place ticking over, hope you enjoyed this and everything else!


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One response to “My Kate Bush Top 30: #5 – #1

  1. Joe

    Totally agree with your number 1. Mrs Bartolozzi is incredible!

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