My Kate Bush Top 30: #10 – 6

Oh wow, Eurovision REALLY got on top of me didn’t it? It’s been over two weeks since I posted the last batch of my favourite Kate Bush songs, so thanks for your patience! Time for a little interlude before the penultimate batch of Kate.

One last look around the house before we go
From B-Side to Love and Anger

Time for another interlude before the top 10, and a short but very sweet instrumental piece. Difficult to know what it was supposed to be, but the title sums it up perfectly. Dripping in nostalgia and sadness, I can just imagine it being the score to some emotional TV moment and me SOBBING away. Gorgeous.

10. Hounds of love
From Hounds of Love

OK time for another of the big hitters, and one crucial song that may have started this whole thing off in the first place. I was aware of Kate Bush but apart from Wuthering Heights and a vague concept of Babooshka, I didn’t know much. But about 5 years ago the Futureheads did a cover of this which I loved, and it got me listening occasional to the original.

My sister put on The Whole Story during a road trip, and this emerged as one of those great moments in Bush history. I must say that after being accustomed to the Futureheads version I find these hounds a little more tame but it’s just one of those songs isn’t it?


9. Rubberband Girl
From The Red Shoes

This is really starting to get tough now, but this is where I finally pack away The Red Shoes. For an album that I never really go on with, this track really is irresistible. The gentle beat kicks in immediately and it’s just so easy to get into.

A perfect companion to the story of The Red Shoes, as it almost compels you to start dancing along. Of course she does just that in the video with some really fascinating choreography. BRILLIANCE


8. Breathing
From Never for ever

From an amazing upbeat song to one of the most calamitously depressing moments on any of her albums. The song sung from the point of view of an unborn baby during a nuclear holocaust. Tough stuff!

But for something so horrible it’s really quite gorgeous, with the baby’s breathing/heartbeat forming the base for the beat. The song does stray into melodrama a few times but there are some absolutely devastating moments. “Chips of plutonium are twinkling in every lung” still gives me shivers.

The second act using an instructional video about nuclear explosions to rather bonechilling effect, with the blasts themselves used as dramatic percussion. The first time I heard this I just had to listen a few more times, utterly spellbinding and terrifying


7. Hello Earth
From Hounds of Love

And so we make up the second of the apocalyptic album closers now, with this from Hounds of Love. It may not be as terrifyingly real as Breathing, but it sounds like Earth has bitten the big one, and some un-named tragedy has finished it off. There are a few hints, something bright travelling fast, an asteroid? An escape ship?

Anyway somehow this is even more powerful than Dreaming in a different sense, it’s almost like a hymn, with a choir used to perfect effect, like this a tribute to the dead planet. There are a few ties to other tracks “get out of the water” I have heard from Waking the Witch.

All a bit abstract but it’s musically so gorgeous and sad, with some mysterious segments (what is that Eva bit at the end?).


6. Sat in your lap
From The Dreaming

God we need to lighten up, and I fail to see how we can get any more light-hearted than Kate dressed as a DUNCE, riding on the back of a rollerskating minotaur!

I always thought this song was totally insane but then you see the video! Totally infectious, with a rather interesting beat running under the thing, I said before it reminds me of Bjork’s Medulla in places, or maybe just Space Invaders.

Either way, I can relate to this, poor Kate is feeling frustrated that she’s not getting results, despite a lack of motivation (can you see the logical flaw here? I know it WELL). But I really can’t be bothered, ooh just GIMME IT QUICK GIMME IT GIMMEGIMMEGIMME


Top 5 coming very soon! x


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