Eurovision 2012: Semi final scores revealed

Oh what’s left to discuss about this year’s contest? I’m feeling a little empty now it’s all over. But I still have you guys (for now!). As soon as the final finished, the detailed results of the semi-finals were released.

You can imagine why we couldn’t know these before the final, it would make the final results a little too predictable. Or even worse, open to manipulation by dark forces. Can you imagine? Anyway, here they are.

Place  Points Country Artist Song
1 152  Russia Buranovskiye Babushki Party for Everybody
2 146  Albania Rona Nishliu Suus
3 120  Romania Mandinga Zaleilah
4 116  Greece Eleftheria Eleftheriou Aphrodisiac
5 100  Moldova Pasha Parfeny Lăutar
6 92  Ireland Jedward Waterline
7 91  Cyprus Ivi Adamou La La Love
8 75  Iceland Gréta Salóme & Jónsi Never Forget
9 63  Denmark Soluna Samay Should’ve Known Better
10 52  Hungary Compact Disco Sound of Our Hearts
11 45  Switzerland Sinplus Unbreakable
12 41  Finland Pernilla Karlsson När jag blundar
13 33  Israel Izabo Time
14 31  San Marino Valentina Monetta The Social Network Song
15 20  Montenegro Rambo Amadeus Euro Neuro
16 17  Latvia Anmary Beautiful Song
17 16  Belgium Iris Would You?
18 8  Austria Trackshittaz Woki mit deim Popo


Not really many surprises there, given the final results. The non-qualifiers were surprising though, Belgium I thought did really well and stood a good chance of qualifying, but it totally flopped, below train-wrecks from Montenegro and San Marino. Montenegro beating anybody felt like a bit of a stretch really. Surprise qualifiers Hungary unsurprisingly squeaked through on tenth place.

Very interesting here though is that Russia nearly lost this semi-final to Albania. I had NO idea that Albania could do so well. It was memorable for sure, but I never thought Europe would go for it. Also interesting to see Greece comfortably beating Cyprus, something they failed to repeat in the semi-final, as well as Romania looking in good stead for a top 10 finish that never came in the final.

What about semi-final 2, containing the eventual winner?

Place  Points Country Artist Song
1 181  Sweden Loreen Euphoria
2 159  Serbia Željko Joksimović Nije ljubav stvar
3 104  Lithuania Donny Montell Love Is Blind
4 100  Estonia Ott Lepland Kuula
5 80  Turkey Can Bonomo Love Me Back
6 77  Bosnia & Herzegovina MayaSar Korake ti znam
7 70  Malta Kurt Calleja This Is the Night
8 64  Ukraine Gaitana Be My Guest
9 53  FYR Macedonia Kaliopi Crno i belo
10 45  Norway Tooji Stay
11 45  Bulgaria Sofi Marinova Love Unlimited
12 42  Croatia Nina Badrić Nebo
13 39  Portugal Filipa Sousa Vida minha
14 36  Georgia Anri Jokhadze I’m a Joker
15 35  Netherlands Joan Franka You and Me
16 35  Belarus Litesound We Are the Heroes
17 31  Slovenia Eva Boto Verjamem
18 22  Slovakia Max Jason Mai Don’t Close Your Eyes


Some unexpected finishes there too, with Serbia pulling a lot closer to Sweden than expected. But both Serbia and Russia’s power bases were in the East, so maybe they ended up cannibalising each other’s votes. Lithuania managed a shocking 3rd place finish, I assumed he had only scraped though, but good for him, even if his final performance didn’t quite make this grade.

Speaking of close calls, Norway faced Bulgaria in a tie-break, broken when Tooji received marks from more countries than Sofi. A shame Bulgaria couldn’t qualify, they do so rarely, but it would have been pretty rough on Norway too.

I can only assume the juries helped out Joan Franka on the previous night, because her off-key performance of “You and Me” can’t have won many fans. Surprised and sad to see Slovenia and Belarus so low down too, I thought both deserved better, at least better than Georgia and Portugal.

FYR Macedonia’s Kaliopi really got some momemtum after qualifying, managing 13th place after barely qualifying is impressive! I guess that result for Malta was always on the cards, never mind. He seemed genuinely overjoyed to qualify, and it was a pretty definitive result on that front.

I’m hoping the public/jury split will be released soon. In the EBU press conferences after each semi-final, they did say that the public & juries agreed on 15 of the 20 qualifiers (8 from Semi 1, 7 from Semi 2), so I’m very curious to see what those are, and perhaps a clue as to why some of the more surprising results came to pass. But then again I do like the stats!


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