Road to Baku 2012: Sofi Marinova – “Love Unlimited” (Bulgaria)

This is it! The last one! After 42 entries, the road to Baku is nearly at an end. One last entry to deal with now, and it’s perenially hopeless Bulgaria.

After debuting in 2005, things haven’t quite worked out for this Eastern European nation. They had a great year in 2006 when “Water” finished 5th, but other than that, they’ve not managed to get out of the semi-finals.

Their amazing 2008 was robbed of qualification, but the less said about the ridiculous 2009 entry the better. It’s safe to say that the only way is up for Bulgaria.

They aren’t the only nation this year to take a trip back to the 90’s, with an old-school dance anthem, with a modern spin hoping to capitalise on the recent popularity of Romanian dance music in the West.

Sofi is certainly keen to make friends, and “Love Unlimited” uses the phrase “I love you” in several languages: Turkish, Greek, Spanish, Serbo-Croat, French, Romani, English, Azerbaijani and Italian, while the rest of the song is in Bulgarian.

I really like it, and Sofi has an impressive vocal range. Dance songs don’t tend to need big vocals but this melody really is a rollercoaster, that chorus must be a real trial to sing note-perfect, and I hope she gets some credit if she pulls it off.

This feels like the first Eurovision entry that has really tried to play the Eastern-European sound made popular by Inna and similar artists, and I wonder if this will pay off. It would certainly take a brave soul to expect Bulgaria to qualify based on their previous record, but I really have a soft spot for this song.

Click “Eurovision 2012” to see my final list of reviews for all the entries in this year’s contest. But it’s not over, I will do semi-final previews and aftermath reports during the week, as well as some buildup to the big day!


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