Road to Baku 2012: Rona Nishliu – “Suus” (Albania)

As we near our journey’s end, it’s Tirana calling as Albania step up for judgement. Despite sending some amazing entries in recent years, since their debut in 2004, they’ve only really had mixed results at best.

Their best result was 7th in their debut year, but since then they’ve either flopped in their semi-final, or hit a mid-table ceiling on the final leaderboard, peaking at 16th or 17th with surprising regularity.

It’s not as though they’ve been sending poor songs. In fact I’d rate their 2009 entries among the best pop entries of recent times. They do have a habit of sending rather distinctive entries though. It make be a strange costume, a fearsom frontwoman, or in this year’s case a colossal glory note (twice!).

The Balkan nations are great at tragedy, and this is dripping with drama and tragic feeling. If Rona – a former Albanian idol contestant – can pull off the fearsomely huge note, it really will be an incredible moment. Other than that, it’s quite a bleak song, and Rona at least knows how to play the part.

It’s certainly an intriguing song, and I’m curious to see how it does. Vocally it seems like the only one to rival Spain’s WOW moment, but the song doesn’t make be feel particularly uplifted! Singing in Albanian might seem like a daring strategy, but it seems their hits and misses are split quite evenly between Albanian and English entries, so we will see!

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