Road to Baku 2012: Compact Disco – “Sound of our hearts” (Hungary)

So Hungary is up next, a country with a patchy participation record, debuting in 1994 but only amassing its 10th entry this year, largely down to a  7 year hiatus around the turn of the century.

Hungary’s best result came in their debut year, where they finished 4th, but since then they have been all over the leaderboard, with two top 10 finishes, two non-qualifiers (including one coming dead last), as well as most things inbetween.

Last year however I felt particularly sad to see Hungary’s dreams smashed with a 22nd place finish in the final. Her vocals might not have been amazing but Kati Wolf’s “What about my dreams” was surely one of my favourite entries of last year.

Undeterred, it’s time for some social commentary (yay…) from Hungarian electronic/rock outfit Compact Disco (great name!). It’s a bit of a miserable song, but a pretty contemporary-sounding one. I’m not entirely sure I understand the meaning though, but the production is quite swish and interesting. The singer isn’t anything extraordinary either, so I’m not sure this will get through.

The video is rather confusing to, the main guy plays two parts, homeless guy and spoiled rich guy. I get that they are trying to say that the rich guy isn’t happy despite his money, and he’s a bad guy. Only the homeless guy seems just as dysfunctional, an alcoholic who jumps out at women in alleyways. What is the lesson?? That people are all jerks, no matter how much money they have?

Either way it’s nice enough to listen to, but I expect this to join Switzerland on the wrong end of a semi-final…

Click “Eurovision 2012” at the top of the screen to find links to all my ESC2012 write-ups! I might be a little delayed putting the links for the last few up, I’m in France this weekend so I’m pre-writing these last few! DEDICATION!



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