Road to Baku 2012: Maya Sar – “Korake ti znam” (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

I’ve only really got a few bits of Eastern Europe left to write about, and tonight we have a nation who have done well since their 1993 debut. It’s still tempting to think of the ex-Yugoslavia nations as still new to the contest, but it’s been nearly 20 years hasn’t it? And yet it’s only now that these nations are really starting to make a name for themselves.

Bosnia & Herzegovina spent the first half of their Eurovision career coasting along with average to poor results, and one top 10 result from a decade of attempts. In 2004 with the semi-finals being introduced, they made the move to start sending English songs, and were immediately rewarded with a top 10 finish.

Their biggest success a few years latest was in Bosnian though, perhaps indicating that you didn’t need to sing in English to win. I think that’s an important thing for Eurovision, and continues to provide us with a variety of styles and tongues each year.

Since then, Eurovision in Sarajevo has never been an obvious possibility, but their 100% qualification record is nothing to be sniffed at, even despite some unlikely contenders. Bloc-voting is one thing, but there must be something that’s appealing to its neighbours, many of whom don’t qualify themselves.

This year we have a beautiful young woman, Maya Sar, who has had flirtations with Eurovision before, not least playing keyboard for last year’s entry by Dino Merlin. She’s a noted charity supporter, writing a charity song for cervical cancer sung by big regional stars, including Croatia’s entry Nina Badric.

The song is really sweet, a gentle ballad with some goosebump-causing orchestral swells and a classy black & white video. There are a lot of ballads in this, and its not my favourite but it’s certainly nice to listen to. I won’t bet against Bosnia & Herzegovina qualifying again, but I will be a little disappointed if it goes through over some of my favourites who are bound to get left behind.

It’s a class act, and I wish it well, but I don’t think this will be Bosnia & Herzegovina’s year.

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3 responses to “Road to Baku 2012: Maya Sar – “Korake ti znam” (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

  1. Dinlo

    I much preferred her when she was merrily pretending to play a piano for Dino Merlin. This one really bores me to tears.

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