Road to Baku 2012: Anmary – “Beautiful song” (Latvia)

Oh God what do I make of this?? While Latvia has long struggled to find the line of “So bad it’s good” since its 2000 debut, it often fell on the wrong side of it. This year they have an entry that might look for all its pretence to be a novelty entry, but could well be one of the most magnificent and uplifting pop songs of this year’s contest.

Latvia had a great start to their Eurovision career, finishing third on their debut entry and snatching a photo-finish win from long-suffering Malta in 2002. After this bright start, it has floundered in recent years.

After a strong 5th place finish in 2005, their results have gone from mid-table finishes to non-qualifying entries lost in semi-finals. Indeed they haven’t reached a final since 2008, and God I hope they make it this time.

“Beautiful Song” is a song about an amazing pop song “that everybody hums and everybody loves”. This might be a bit of an eye-rolling idea, bringing back memories of Lithuania’s “We are the winners” in which self-assured LT united tunelessly proclaimed that they were going to win, in a hateful acapella arrangement. I guess I missed the joke, they came 6th.

But Latvia are better than this, and have been rewarded in years when they’ve sent something good. The lyrics for their entry this year are quirky and memorable, and delivered in such a gorgeously smily way that you can’t help but go along with it. “I was born in distant 1980, the year when Irish Johnny Logan won” goes the gentle folky tune, as Anmary documents her rise to international fame with this amazing song. You really need to listen to it I think.

It’s insanely catchy, and any doubts I had about this being a novelty entry are unfounded. The video looks pretty swish too, I love the naff cliche moments, like the spontaneous dance routine in the airport, and that pose on the steps as the song ends abruptly.

As usual I am on full alert that this might be one of my favourites that never make it out of the semi-final, and performing 4th in the first semi is hardly a prize position to be in. I just hope justice is done, I love this.

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