My Kate Bush Top 30: #30 – 21

It’s been a little while since I finished posting up my reviews of all the Kate Bush studio albums, as well as some of her many B-Sides and rarities. Thought I should round things off with a little rundown of my favourite tracks. Expect plenty of Mad Old Kate, bird noises and the occasional Fuhrer…

30. Un Baiser D’Enfant
B-Side to Ne t’enfuis pas

Perhaps a strange choice to include this B-Side in the countdown, being a French version of “The Infant Kiss” from Never For Ever. I’m not 100% I understand it myself. I do like the original version a lot but for some reason the lyrics never quite did it for me. Thankfully, while this translation may have the same problem, I can’t tell. Musically I love it, it’s very sweet and she sounds quite scandalised (I suppose you would be too if you’d just made out with a baby).

29. Moments of pleasure
From The Red Shoes

As you may recall, I did have a little struggle with The Red Shoes. I mean Kate can always be a little tricky but I don’t think I’ve ever been as anti towards one of her albums as I was with this. It was a little messy, with a rather heinous short film to go with half of the tracks.

Still, before her 12 years hiatus, old Kate had to go through more than her share of grief, losing family members and friends alike. So to deal with that musically we get this rather gorgeous big ballad complete with the most beautiful sweeping string sections. 😦

28. Heads we’re dancing
From The Sensual World

Now The Sensual World may have been lacking in some areas, but a sense of humour wasn’t one of them. How else did we get this little oddity, quite a beat-driven song for a change, and we get this amazing reveal halfway through that this charming gentleman Kate was getting down on the dancefloor with was … HITLER!

Oh Kate! If there were enough songs written about Hitler to deserve a countdown, this would win every time!

27. Sunset
From Aerial

I know Aerial wasn’t exactly jammed full of hits, but I think both discs between them came up with some pretty great moments. First of these on my countdown is this rather jazzy laid-back tribute to a colourful sunset, marking the midpoint of the second disc’s journey through a day in the life of La Bush.

It’s quite pleasant for the most part, not really exciting, but then this amazing Flamenco-tinged climax brings us to sunset, I just think it’s such a great little turn.

26. Egypt
From Never for ever

Lovely mental video there, I think I described it as looking like a Kenny Everett spoof, which I stick by now! Never For Ever is such a great album, opening and closing with MAX TRACKS, with this rather unnerving moment. It’s all very mystical and seductive, until the SCREAMS start in and we get this rather spooky sidebar into the land of lost souls.

That climactic ahh-ahh-ahh section with the wailing spirits still gives me chills when I’m listening to it in bed. Ooh I just got them now! *shriek*

25. Oh England my Lionheart
From Lionheart

A bit of a strange one for such an important song. This was the lead single from Lionheart, the (in any normal world) make-or-break followup to her successful debut. As a lead single it totally tanked, but I still really like it, though apparently Kate doesn’t. Still, a rather odd tale about a fighter pilot crashing to his death and thinking about his homeland. Cheery stuff!

24. You’re the one
From The Red Shoes

Back to the Red Shoes, and a properly moping song about a breakup. Presumably she’s been dumped and she isn’t dealing with it so well :(. Utter heartbreak and inconsolable lyrics, with a rather trudging beat.


23. Suspended in Gaffa
From The Dreaming

Let’s cheer things up a little now, with a bouncy little number from The Dreaming. Our heroine is feeling a little frustrated, I’m not entirely sure what the issue is, maybe she is wishing she was more of a go-getter, but she’s not that type of girl, she’s no Pandora. I can sort of RELATE, a similar theme to Sat In Your Lap, but maybe a little more reserved.

22. King of the mountain
From Aerial

Don’t call it a comeback… but that’s essentially what this one was, the first single since the early 90s, and a decent-sized hit (well that wasn’t hard in 2005). The only obvious single from Aerial really, but I think she doesn’t really give a crap about singles after all these years.

Anyway it’s got a decent beat behind it, and generally it’s quite mysterious and clunky without being totally abstract. It gave me a rather misplaced idea of what Aerial would be like, particularly it bears little resemblance to the gorgeous second disc, but it at least stands on its own.

21. Cloudbusting
From Hounds of Love

And now the first track from the blockbusting Hounds of Love. This is quite a delicate little string-filled track, with a very subdued chorus and a quite lovely video to go with it.

As I have said before it reminds me a little of Madonna’s Like a Prayer album, I am always a fan of strings so this optimistic little gem has quickly become a favourite of mine.



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  1. Hammer Horror was the lead single from Lionheart! 🙂

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