Why 2K?

I’ll take a moment from my relentless campaign of Eurovision writeups (well, there’s only 13 left so I’ll relent soon) to say thanks to everyone for continuing to view my blog.

Last night Verbal Diarrhoea (I would shorten it, but VD isn’t much nicer) passed 2000 views, from a total of 61 different countries. It’s quite a weird feeling really, that a stranger thousands of miles away is spontaneously viewing something I’ve written, instead of any of the trillions of pages on the web, and it’s very gratifying to know that it’s not just me talking to myself.

Of course you guys could all be mindless Google search drone programs and not humans after all, but I’ll try to block out voices of doubt like that.

Here’s to another 2000 views! I’ll try to put a bit more variety into the blog for those of you who don’t give a hoot about Eurovision, after all I DO like other things. May is just the peak season for me! Just sit tight with your Swiss Roll bowl cakes for now, and I’ll come to my senses soon.

Later x


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