Road to Baku 2012: Anri Jokhadze – “I’m a joker” (Georgia)

Georgia have come up with some pretty solid entries since its debut in 2007, from an ethno-house triumph in 2007, a blind peace anthem in 2008, a wonderful uplifting ballad in 2010 to a full-on rock track last year. Despite this versatility, they’ve consistently done well in the contest, with all four entries finishing between 9th and 12th place.

They’ve comfortably qualified from the semi-finals, and have been a pet-favourite of mine since their debut. So what are they doing now?!

Their first male representative is here, with what I can only assume is a joke entry. Anri is apparently quite a talent in Georgia, and I have no reason to question his performing talents, but I’m having a tough time warming to the song.

It starts off ostentatiously, with an operatic  intro to the sounds of lavish orchestral music. Then a curious-looking man fades into view, flanked by Georgian beauties, and starts singing about how great he is, no matter if it makes no sense. Just about everything that rhymes with ‘joker’ is thrown into the mix, along with some Riverdance-style instrumental moments.

Musically it’s not actually that bad, and the tune’s decent enough, but I just can’t get past the rubbish lyrics. I don’t see why I should care about any of it, who is he? A disappointing turn for Georgia, and I hope it doesn’t qualify at the cost of a better song. I suspect he’ll get buried in the middle of the second semi-final, though it may have enough allies voting that night to scrape through.

Cool flag though! You can see more cool flags (ahem…) on my ESC2012 review hub, on a tab at the top of the page.


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