Road to Baku 2012: Gréta Salóme & Jónsi – “Never forget” (Iceland)

Time for what is quite possibly my favourite Eurovision nation of recent years, Iceland. They’ve consistently produced amazing dance-pop euphoria, sweeping ballads and heartwarming folk songs (let’s turn a blind eye to 2007), and yet they are still waiting for that win. In fact only Malta can claim a more successful run without a win.

From 21 entries, they may have come last twice, but they also came second twice, most recently in Moscow with Johanna’s beautiful “Is it true?”. At the time Iceland were almost grateful to get so close without the expense of having to host, but with most of Europe facing bankruptcy, I hope Iceland can get their moment (even with an IOU from Scandinavia).

This year we are getting a powerful duet with a sort of Evanescence vibe, but steeped in dramatic Nordic string sections. It looks like young Gréta can play the violin as well as looking like a dazzling Icelandic Barbie. Jónsi has cut his teeth at Eurovision before, representing Iceland in 2004, coming 19th.

It’s just got so much drama, I really think that with some proper staging that really amps up the Icelandic atmosphere, this could really do well. It could easily pick up the alternative vote that rockier efforts have found helpful in securing a good finish.

Both times Iceland have come second, it’s been behind a Nordic country – Sweden in 1999 and Norway in 2009. I could see this easily happen again, with Sweden’s Loreen seemingly the one to best. I don’t envy any country competing against what feels like the strongest favourite for a contest in a long while, but if anyone can do it, I hope it’s Iceland (or Spain … or maybe Italy etc)

As ever I’m going to plug my Eurovision 2012 review hub, click the tab at the top of the screen!


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