Road to Baku 2012: Max Jason Mai – “Don’t close your eyes” (Slovakia)

Slovakia have a brief Eurovision record, with three entries in the 90s, in alternate years because poor performance one year excluded them from the following year’s contest at that time. After three rounds of disasterous entries, they pulled out until 2009. Since then they’ve entered every year and not qualified once, leaving them with a short but consistently bad track record. Can they turn it around this year?

It’s easy to sympathise with Slovakia and their methodical attempts to capture Europe’s attention. In 2010 they tried the folk-tinged sound, last year they sent a pair of twins with a modern(ish) pop song, both times stuck in the semi-finals.

Having seen Turkey and Georgia do well in recent years with contemporary rock songs, why not try it themselves? So we end up with a surprisingly modern sounding heavy rock song that could easily be mistaken for one of the big American shouty rock bands, one of which is right on the tip of my tongue. Maybe My Chemical Romance? Oh I don’t know, it’s not really my field.

I can imagine this playing well across Europe, but Eurovision is predominantly thought of as a pop contest, is there enough of an alternative vote out there to turn Slovakia’s luck around? I might not really rate it, but I think their logic is sound for going in this direction, and it would be a welcome boost for Slovakia in the contest. That said, rock is a difficult genre to predict, after all Turkey lost their apparent invincibility last year with a generic modern rock track, and if Turkey can’t make it work, all bets are off!

Too noisy and difficult to understand to be a winner, but I think they may just be happy with qualification – their best result to date…


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