Road to Baku 2012: Soluna Samay – “Should’ve Known Better” (Denmark)

Time to look at Denmark’s entry for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, held in Azerbaijan next month. Denmark have a reasonable record at the contest, despite their patchy history over the years. It debuted in the 1960s, but sat out most of the 1970s when it didn’t view the show as quality entertainment (after crashing out in 14th place).

The 90s weren’t good for them either, only participating in alternate years since they rarely qualified for the final. The rule change allowing non-native languages to be used helped no end, and after a successful 1999 entry, they won the contest in 2000 with “Fly on the wings of love”, their 2nd win after a controversial win in 1963.

Recent years have seen the Nordic country on a bit of a roll, finishing top 5 in the last two contests. Native Dane Soluna Samay won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix to win the right to represent her country this year, with “Should’ve known better”. I must say I’m not totally taken with this one. The last two entries may have differed in tone, from naff 80s power ballad to American college rock for stadiums, but they had a strong mainstream feel to them, something I think this track is lacking.

What it lacks in a pop hook, she makes up for in bizarre staging. Why is she dressed in an M.Bison costume that’s too big for her? Some oddball backing singers too, including a strangely lumpy drummer. Sadly none of this makes the song any more compelling. It’s at least clear that they are very pleased to be representing Denmark, but the song just gets of my nerves if I’m honest, her tone of voice is a bit one-note.

Much as I like Denmark, I feel this could easily leave Denmark stuck in the semi-finals, particularly with most of its neighbours voting in the other semi-final. I wouldn’t feel too aggrieved at that result to be honest, I wouldn’t particularly look forward to seeing this in the final. Sorry guys!



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