Album: Madonna – “MDNA” deluxe tracks (2012) & album thoughts

Last week I wrote a review for MDNA (go see, I thought it would get more hits… link). But tragically I hadn’t yet got my mitts on the deluxe edition bonus tracks. Now I’m the proud owner of the actual CD finally, I thought I should tie up the loose ends and get this out there. Then a quick thought about how I feel about MDNA 10 days on. Happily it looks like it’s going to storm a transatlantic No.1 despite its pretty hopeless outcome on the singles front. I’d just like a nice hit single in the UK though thanks.

08 Beautiful Killer – A bit of beautiful filler now (!). It feels like a distillation of this album, generic dance beats, simple nursery-rhyme melody, shoehorned references to guns and bad guys, and another gun sound effect. So far, so trashy. There seems to be a trend of these sort of oxymoronic (emphasis on moronic) song titles, just sounds more interesting I guess. Just off the top of my head I can think of Beautiful Liar, Beautiful Monster and that Beyonce one about a Beautiful Nightmare (I know it’s called Sweet Dreams but you know). Anyway I do quite like it for what it is, everything it is has been done well. I can see why it might have been surplus to requirements for the album (though why not ditch Superstar??), but it’s certainly a welcome inclusion to this expanded version.

10 I fucked up – Oh my God how did they miss this off the album? This is amazing. Tender, regretful and still somehow in keeping with the sound of the album. But it’s got STRINGS! How gorgeous. The vocals are undemanding but the whole thing just makes me melt. WHY ISN’T THIS ON THE ALBUM when Superstar is?!?? It beggars belief. I mean fair enough you couldn’t exactly release it as a single without extensive editing but it’s really wonderful. That speed-up halfway through just makes me die. Heartbreaking and blissful.

07 B-Day song – From the sublime to the ridiculous now, with a song truly worthy of the off-cut status given to it. M.I.A. is a main feature of this beyond-retarded birthday song. It’s got some sort of crap charm to it, a sort of nice shitty 80s female rock-band vibe to it. It’s grown on me a lot but I mean HONESTLY! Madonna has a fair few laughably crummy songs in her rarities wardrobe, and this is a welcome addition.

09 Best Friend – I LOVE this beat, shuddering and ice-cold. Reminds me a little of the beat behind Bjork’s “Hunter” which isn’t a bad thing. More deadpan vocals, but this is a really solid track that again fits perfectly into the MDNA sound. Bridges the gap between this and Hard Candy really, and has an interesting story inside. She’s spent most of the album bitching (or murdering) her ex-husband it seems, so could this be about that too? Anyway a joy to listen to, really well put-together.

08 Give me all your luvin (Party Rock remix) – Oh goodie, a remix… I’m not a big fan of the 8-minute long minimal house beat thumping away anonymously under the guise of a beloved song, but fortunately this is nothing of the sort. LMFAO are behind this one, fresh off their collaboration at the Superbowl earlier this year. It’s a decent remix, I still prefer the original as it makes one of the unique elements of the album sound quite generic. It reminds me of some  Stuart Price remixes actually, but that just makes me wish she was still working with him. Most of the song remains intake and it’s a fun change of pace, but that’s about all.

So what about the rest of the album? It’s growing on me even MORE, even the ropier moments are getting better. I’m looking forward to a long car journey with this up loud, think of the BASS!!

Updated rate – original review
10 Girl Gone Wild
09 Gang Bang
10 I’m Addicted
08 Turn up the radio
10 Give me all your luvin’
08 Some girls
07 Superstar
08 I don’t give a
07 I’m a sinner
10 Love spent
09 Masterpiece
08 Falling free

Very restrained, as you can see! Well don’t get at me, I love this crazy old cow. Christ knows what’s going through her head, much to the frustration of the fans who just want her to get another smash #1 worldwide and prove she still CAN. I still think she can (though maybe on the next album).



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2 responses to “Album: Madonna – “MDNA” deluxe tracks (2012) & album thoughts

  1. Madonna will ALWAYS sell albums, and concerts, legends have that prerogative… on the singles front- not sure she is quite hitting the mark with MDNA- however, she is ALWAYS relevant… I mean… she is Madonna… whithout whom there’d be no Gaga etc. Great original review by the way! Well observed and written as always!

    • Thanks for the comment! Yes I think you’re right, but I do still want that hit single, haha. I just hope they don’t play it safe and release Turn up the radio, it’s just so blah. Just stick out “I’m addicted”, at least she’ll fail on her terms.

      More likely they won’t release anything else, except maybe a live video for one since when the tour kicks off, lucky us :p

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