My ABBA Top 25: #25 – #16

OK guys, now I’ve posted all the album reviews, it’s time to wrap things up with my top 25 ABBA tracks. Here’s ten to get you started. What are your favourite ABBA tracks?


25. Honey, Honey
From Waterloo

Easily a highlight from the Waterloo album, mainly due to it being a bit of a cobbled-together album hastily assembled on the back of their Eurovision. Personally I don’t think it was up to much, and the video here shows they hadn’t quite hit their stride yet, but I think this is a really charming little pop song.


24. Take a Chance on Me
From The Album

Time for a classic, one clinging onto my countdown for now. While many of these songs are brand new to my ears, this is one of the first I knew. As a result it’s taking a dive because of overplay, but I’m sure it will outlive many above it over time.

Gorgeous pop song, with an iconic video (that stuff with Agnetha and the red light behind her is particularly fabulous). Need I say more?


23. Our last summer
From Super Trouper

Super Trouper was great, wasn’t it? Comfortably my favourite album of theirs, and this track still makes me WISTFUL (even though my summers were much of a muchness). Things hadn’t got quite as bummed-out as they would become on “The Visitors” but even the poppier moments had plenty of depth by this stage.


22. As good as new
From Voulez-Vous

Time for a bit of oomph, with Voulez-Vous’s energetic opening track. That string section really raises this from a pretty standard disco track to something quite special. The album might not have ended up my favourite, but it really did have some flashes of brilliance.

MA-MA-MA-MA etc.


21. Happy New Year
From Super Trouper

… and back to Super Trouper we come, with a sweet little seasonal that perfectly captures how shit things are after New Year has passed, and we are faced with a bleak future of writing the wrong year on things, and FUCKING FEBRUARY.

I don’t get why this didn’t really catch on as a permanent fixture. After all, Xmas songs seem to have staying power, and there are LOADS of them. Maybe because this is a bit of a downer.

Gorgeous video though.


20. When all is said and done
From The Visitors

OH ❤ … OK so Frida and Benny’s marriage had hit the skids, but they wasted no time in committing their feelings to paper.

It’s a really strange one, the production makes it sound quite buoyant, and even some of the lyrics make it sounds so amicable (which I suppose it must have been at the time if they were still recording together). But the sadness is equally obvious, it’s almost like she’s too tired to get upset, just wants to curl up and forget the whole thing.

I don’t know, it’s just a wonderful complex song. That’s it really.


19. Under attack

I wonder how good that next album could have been… judging by some of these later orphaned singles, pretty fucking good. This is a real earworm, I didn’t think THAT much of it when I first did the bunch of leftovers, but it’s really grown on me.

That second half of the choruses where the backing really kicks in just makes me smile. I fear I’m going to start repeating myself going on about how good these pop songs are, but there it is.

HATE Frida’s 80s hairdo though!


18. Waterloo
From Waterloo

As a show of good faith that I’m not being a contrary Mary by penalising the more well-known tracks (and you will see that it’s not really the case at all), here is perhaps their most well-known song, or if you’d prefer, certainly their most important. What would the ABBA story have been without Waterloo?

Anyway, not much more I can say about this, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know this song. There’s the dramatic piano, THOSE costumes … it’s a SEMINAL MOMENT


17. Voulez-Vous
From Voulez-Vous

And straight into another title track, this time from disco triumph Voulez-Vous. I admit I had been put off a bit by the spectre of 1999’s Abbamania when Boy George did his worst on this one. Maybe that’s even helped in the long run, I never exposed myself to this song as much as some of their others.

Anyway, it’s relentless, got a great dark disco feel to it. The bridge is wonderful, and that chorus … VOU-LEZ-VOOOOOUS ah-HAH! *gay coma*


16. Super Trouper
From Super Trouper

And ANOTHER title track to finish off this batch. They certainly didn’t waste any time hiring all those circus folk, looks like they did the Happy New Year video on the same night!

Anyway, the title track to the popstatic Super Trouper, showing clearly their laser-guided talent for brilliant pop hooks. Again there’s that touch of melancholy while everyone around is having what looks like an amazing time.

That’s a pretty beautiful video really, I almost wish I had been around for heights like this, I can’t imagine being able to resist them.

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