1,000 views and counting

Hi guys, just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who has been viewing my blog since I started it in … September?! God, that’s nearly 6 months ago!

Anyway, I hope it’s been at least a little interesting. I’m always so happy to see people ‘following’ my blog or liking my posts, and especially the comments.

I haven’t really broken out of the cycle of just doing reviews yet, and that’s quite a labour-intensive way of doing things, so any feedback will be appreciated. Maybe I’ll work out how to make the blog actually look nicer soon too!

So here’s to another 1,000 views, even if most of you guys are probably search-engine bots, or people looking for that damn swiss roll bowl cake.


Oh, and since this feels like a bit of a bland post, here’s a video of a barking cat.


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