Melodifestivalen 2012: Final preview (Stockholm Globen)


So here we are. 32 songs, 4 semi-finals and one disasterous second-chance round, and we have our ten finalists determined to represent Sweden in Baku’s Eurovision Song Contest in May. They have one more hurdle though, the grand final held at Stockholm’s Globen theatre.

Andra Chansen didn’t exactly have a great selection, but Sweden would have struggled to have selected a worse pair from the eight tracks. I’ll just stay reassured that an Ac qualifier has never won MF, and I hope it stays that way. Round 1 went well, with Dynazty, Andreas Johnson knocked out. Lotta & Christer sadly got knocked out by the terrible Thorsten Flinck, while Sean Banan defeated Youngblood in an indifferent duel.

But then it all went wrong, with Timoteij and Sean Banan knocked out in Round 2 by Top Cats and Thorsten. At a push I’d give the edge to Top Cats, at least they are a reasonable rendition of the rock’n’roll pastiche that Eurovision national finals seem to turn up worryingly often. Thorsten is just terrible though, I hope there is no momentum behind his qualification.

So who do we have left? The hot money is on a fight between Danny Saucedo and Loreen for the top spot. I think I’m giving the edge to Loreen after some consideration, it really has grown on me, and that performance was mesmerising in her heat. Danny really needs to pick up his vocals after last time, the song itself is strong but generic, but both songs are very modern and contemporary. For those Loreen loons who say Danny’s song isn’t relevant, just look at David Guetta’s sales over the last year.

The fly in Danny’s ointment is the similarly dance-pop track by David Lindgren, but Danny’s bagged the closing slot of the night, while David might get lost as the show’s opener. Loreen’s the 6th performer, but the memorable performance should be enough to stop her getting lost in the listings.

There are plenty of midtempos hanging around too, with Ulrik Munther trying to follow Loreen’s performance, Lisa Miskovsky looking lost in her 4th position slot between eyecatching performances by the horrifying Dead By April and Top Cats. Molly Sanden could well be the dark horse as a popular figure (and recently split from Eric Saade) with a heartbreak ballad, but we will see, I think Danny’s poptastic performance might drown her out but who knows.

It’s tempted to say that a dance-pop winner is the only choice for a pop powerhouse like Sweden, and I’m not allowing myself to consider an alternative really, it doesn’t bear thinking about. But could Bjork & Sara pull off a Mirakel and upset the balance? Let’s hope not… but sounds like they are going to pull out all the stops.

So that’s just what I think. If there’s anyone else out there reading, what do you think will happen in Globen tomorrow? Please comment!

Loreen – Euphoria

Danny Saucedo – Amazing


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