Album: Kate Bush – “The Sensual World” (1989)

OK I’m going to be honest, I’m not REALLY feeling this. I mean I couldn’t expect to think all her albums were good, some are bound to not be my cup of tea. Don’t get me wrong, it’s probably one of the more straightforward albums but it hasn’t really got the hooks into me.

Still, let’s DO THIS.

07 The Sensual World: I don’t really like this warbly noise she picked up for this album. It’s quite a LUSH sounding track, but any sensuality is drowned in claggy metaphor. That Celtic vibe is quite nice, it’s a decent enough opener but never a CLASSIC

08 Love and Anger: Now this has more about it, I guess about losing passion in a relationship. The chorus is really catchy, very strong and fierce. Perhaps a little too long, never good to outstay a welcome but I think it just about keeps it together.

07 The Fog: Weird flatlining intro, I’m a little freaked out by the old man. Is this supposed to be sinister? Maybe I have been corrupted by Broken Britain but “You’re all grown up now” sounds paedo-tastic. This has crept into my consciousness, mostly because of that weird spoken bit. It’s a little insubstantial to me, despite the lovely dramatic strings is very atmospheric but again I’m put off by the spoken bit. EXPLAIN PLEASE.

09 Reaching out: Now I like this, from the Carpenters-style intro to the delicate vocals seguing into clanging church bells and chanting. The chorus is wonderfully sung, love the violins. Feels like it could come from a musical, oddly, but in a good way (oddly). Lovely.

08 Heads we’re dancing: Ha! Well certainly the most Hitleriffic song I’m going to hear this year as the shock twist ropes the Fuhrer himself into the action. I don’t get quite how she didn’t recognise him, but a great gimmick for me at least. Musically it’s a little hard but the storytelling is good enough to carry this. I quite like the rhythm to it though, I wonder how good Hitler was at dancing.

10 Deeper Understanding: OMG this is my song (sadly). Kate was ahead of her time here, in a time when my Amstrad was state-of-the-art, she has invented Second Life or something. Tackling the non-existent issue of the time about reliance of web addiction caused by isolation. I want to know which magazine she got her program from. I bring you loooooove. GORGE.

06 Between a man and a woman: A bit of a muddle here, the great divide providing the background but it’s a bit of a nothing to me. Fails where Love And Anger succeeded so well.

07 Never be mine: The end of this album seems to be a bit blah to be honest, and this isn’t a huge help. It’s nice enough, I like the big choir harmony bit for the big moments. I don’t hate it, but it doesn’t do much to pique my interest.

06 Rocket Tail: OK well I can’t describe this as boring at least. A little headache-inducing and WAILY but there’s SOMETHING in there. It improves a lot when the guitars come in at the 1:30 point to break things up. But then the guitars aren’t really my THING so it’s not really helping matters. Sadly I’m waiting for the clock to run out on this one.

09 This woman’s work: I know this will be unpopular, maybe its status make me overestimate it a little. It’s frustrating because it’s a perfectly lovely song and she’s being quite straightforward but I can’t QUITE work it out. I don’t really have an emotional connection that I reckon its fans do. Still, I’m sure I’ll get there one day, it’s still early for me. That’s what’s holding me back from a 10 I think.

08 Walk straight down the middle: I just found out this was a CD bonus track, dirty! Pretty ordinary, a bit of 80s feeling to it finally, but often just seems off-key. I like the chorus but I can’t follow the rest of the story. Classic Kate noise-making though, BRRRRAAAPP! .. BRRAAAAAAAAP!!! I quite like that noise for some reason. Mental old Kate eh?

Oh I’m sorry guys, this will probably disappoint some of you, but this just didn’t really do it for me. There are some lovely arrangements, I will grant. But I feel like any connection I had with her lyrics seems to be tougher than before, whether that’s her or me. I’m glad there are a few tracks I can take away from this, though.

Keepers for the iPod: Love and anger, Reaching out, Heads we’re dancing, Deeper understanding, This woman’s work, Walk straight down the middle.


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