Single: Madonna – “Girl gone wild” (2012)

So um… what happened to that lead single? I liked it, but it didn’t seem to catch alight in the UK or the US (though it managed a top 10 Stateside off the back of the Superbowl). Let’s just move on then, she certainly seems to be, as the second single premiered yesterday. I think the problem is just that people don’t know it’s out, the number of people I’ve spoken to that weren’t even AWARE that she’d got a single out…

Nice tits (not that I was looking). So “Girl gone wild” is a pretty balls-out (or tits-out) dance pop song with Italian producer Benny Benassi at the helm. If the name sounds familiar, you probably remember his hit “Satisfaction” from ten(!) years ago. More pertinently he did the video remix of Madonna’s “Celebration” single back in 2009, parts of which you can hear in this at times.

Consequently it sounds like a remix of a song instead of a song itself. I imagine it working well in clubs, it’s pretty standard dance fare, but in a way that’s disappointing for a pioneer such as Madonna. The chorus is a bit limp, that “hey-ey-ey” bit is memorable, but it’s just so repetitive. The lyrics generally sound like they’ve been auto-generated by some eurodance lyric tombola, and her vocals have so many effects applied to them, you wonder how this would even sound live.

It’s not a bad song by any means, but at least “Give me all your luvin” has a bit of a personality to it. If this is a hit-chasing effort (and if this turns out to be the final mix), it pales in comparison to smash comebacks like J.Lo’s “On the floor”, it doesn’t have much Madonna about it. I’m not going to worry too much about the album yet, and part of me still believes she can turn it around, despite the best efforts of the internet queens to paint this as the apocalypse of her career.

One common criticism is that “she should be doing something her own age”, usually twinned with her having to make ground-breaking pop music. Now I can’t see that particular deadlock getting resolved. People her age don’t do pop, so that leaves her with a choice – the mature route of nice flowery dresses, sweepy ballads and certainly no sex (after all, vaginas cease to exist after a certain age). Or just stick to increasingly gay-interest pop music that never gets playlisted, and just hope she’ll get a “Believe” before she’s consigned to the pop retirement village.

I can’t imagine she’s weak-willed enough to be pushed around by her label, so I can only assume she wants to do this sort of music. So why not? I admit I’m a bit bemused that something as wishy-washy and nondescript as this is the lead-in single for “MDNA”, but she usually knows what she’s doing. Even her relative flop albums were enjoyable (perhaps even moreso than some hit albums, in my opinion), so God knows at least wait until we’ve heard it. Or we can just all fall over each other in a race to denounce her in the snarkiest putdowns that we can imagine, for the sake of a bit of attention. That all seems a bit unimaginative though, doesn’t it?



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