Single: The Sundays – “Cry” (1997)

I’ve been overdoing it a bit with the reviews, let’s see what iTunes can shuffle up for us… a second single from The Sundays’ 1997 album “Static and Silence” (No relation to The Saturdays).

You might know The Sundays best from their 1990 song “Here’s where the story ends”, their only UK top 5 hit, which was also covered by Tin Tin Out in 1998 with the help of the honey-voiced Shelley Nelson. The album also produced another hit “Summertime”, which I thought was really… summery for want of a better word.

I’ve largely missed out on their catalogue, but bought the album on the strength of the two singles, having seen it on The Chart Show (God, I am feeling old now). As I got used to with their album, this is a pretty laid-back track, with a memorable guitar riff and some gorgeous string sections. I love that Italian-sounding (yeah I don’t know what it’s called) shimmering away in that lovely middle-eight.

The video really sticks in my mind too, black and white, with people of varying shapes and sizes climbing a diving board in a sparse black environment. They nervously jump off one by one, and that’s about it. I don’t know why that made such an impact on me, it’s really sad somehow. Who knows, I was 15 at the time, I was probably feeling uncertain about something-or-other, and worried about the future as most neurotic teens are.

Lead singer Harriet Wheeler has quite a timid voice but a lovely tone to it, light and airy without sounding too forced or sickly. They sound like quite a lovely band really, and it’s almost a surprise they even got to a third album, with Harriet and founding member David Gavurin getting married and raising a child after their second album. I think after 15 years, here was where the story ended eventually, but a lovely note to go out on.


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