Melodifestivalen 2012 review: Heat 3 (Leksand)

Third heat already? This doesn’t feel like such a vintage year yet, though there are plenty of nice pop songs coming through (just not necessarily to the final). Let’s just hope that the prophecised Danny Saucedo victory is as satisfying (and successful) as I hope it might be.

So on to Leksand for the third heat, and another eight hopefuls. I haven’t read the result yet, so let’s hope it wasn’t as disappointing as last week’s outcome.


08 Maria BenHajji – I mina drömmar – God I love Swedish, it’s such an interesting sounding language, all those weird vowel sounds. Anyway a cosy lovely start and gentle accompaniment. A bit Disney (but that’s not a bad thing), her voice is really sweet and tender, but as we move through the climactic the vocals get a chance to stretch. I can’t see it doing much business in Baku, but it’s really nicely done, and I love stuff like this. I didn’t see Austria’s entry last year being up to much, but that was a lovely surprise.

07 Mattias Andréasson – Förlåt mig – More Swedish language music now, but more of an R’n’B tilt to it. It’s still got that dreamy synth feel to it, there’s something about Swedish music that just had a particular FEEL somehow. Anyway, this is a pretty by-the-book track in the same way as Maria, but I don’t prefer this genre particularly. It’s nice and listenable, but doesn’t leave a big impact on me sadly.

08 Love Generation – Just a little bit – Right, attempt number two for RedOne-backed the three-piece girlband (formerly four-piece). They might have gone for the full electro-pop experience last year, crashing out in Andra Chansen, but they’ve changed their sound for their next try. It’s almost unrecognisable as RedOne, a sort of electo-rock-pop thing, with a tight chorus, even if the verses aren’t particular memorable. It’s certainly instant enough to get people into it, I wonder if this can make it to the final, I hope so.

07 Carolina Wallin Pérez – Sanningen – A bit of a retro sound now, strumming guitars etc. I like her tone of voice, quite old fashioned somehow. It’s an odd structure, but it’s good if a little downbeat. Again I don’t see it doing the business in Baku, or getting the mass appeal to even get that far, but variety is the spice of life isn’t it?

08 Björn Ranelid & Sara Li – Mirakel – A strange one now, a pretty full-on trancy track, like a Sash! song or something, with a dash of Cascada. I’ve seen a glimpse of this guy, and got the impression he’s supposed to be some sort of evangelist. Without this angle, it’s a decent musical track, even if the spoken-word segments are a little strange in a contest such as this, I’d hate a novelty song to swoop through for non-musical reasons, but I’ve certainly heard worse.

06 Andreas Johnson – Lovelight – Ugh, some people just don’t get the hint do they? I can’t remember how many times Andreas has entered Melodifestivalen, and sure as anything it’s another uptempo indie-ish singalong. This isn’t really doing much for me at all, there’s certainly a nice hook in there, but his voice is a bit nasal and annoying. It’s all a bit banal lyrically, so I’d rather this didn’t get through.

09 Youngblood – Youngblood – Talking of banal lyrics… a template boyband singing a theme song for themselves. “Youngblood, Youngblood, I wanna be I wanna be, a youngblood heartbeat here tonight” ?!? It’s just a load of easy-to-sing lyrics that don’t mean anything. I mean pop-wise it’s catchy enough (just about), the singing is adequate, but it’s like an Eric Saade clone experiment, only they are cloning “Manboy” era Eric instead of “Popular” Eric. The key-change and subsequent climax is enough to do the job, but I feel a little empty. Still, YAY POP LOL

07 Molly Sandén – Why am I crying? – Did I hear that the writer of “Empty Room” is doing a song this year? Is this it? It certainly doesn’t sound too dissimilar, though the tone of the song is totally opposite, she doesn’t WANT this other guy back (or does she really?). I think it’s a cry for help, I’m not buying it. Anyway it’s sweet enough but doesn’t really have the vocal selling point that really sets fire to the best ballads. It just sort of finishes without much fanfare, boo. Oh I just realised that if she’s crying, then obviously she DOES want him back, how dense am I?

So there we have it, another middling bunch. I think the consistency puts it above heat one, but didn’t have songs I really liked in the way that heat two did. I can’t see a winner in this bunch, so I’m hoping they are holding back some aces for the final heat on Saturday.

Oh well, the results!! Molly and the Mirakel song both went straight to the final, I get the Molly appeal really, but I think something else is at play with the Mirakel song. Still, it was reasonable if a little odd. Youngblood and Andreas made it to Andra Chansen in 2 weeks time, that sounds about right. Poor Love Generation 😦 the others I’m not too fussed about, though Maria coming last is a bit rubbish. Never mind, let’s hope heat four is amazing (come on, Danny!)

Keepers for the iPod: I mina drömmar, Just a little bit, Mirakel, Youngblood


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