Movie: The Muppets (2012)

So I’ve just come back from starting the music, lighting the lights, etc etc. I’m sorry but I didn’t REALLY get into it. I was sort of expecting something a bit more appealing to new fans (other than kids), and all the selling points I’d been badgered about all week didn’t really come off.

Let’s start with the songs, which seemed few and far between. Upbeat and bouncy of course, but … I don’t know, where was the humour? Not that the Muppets have ever been edgy, and nor should they be, but it was just sickly treacle. The fact that they tried some very light visual comedy made me think they were trying to make it funny, but there just wasn’t enough… The fact that “Man or a Muppet” is Oscar-nominated is utterly baffling (even moreso the fact that there are only TWO songs nominated this year?!)

The cast, well Jason Segel might has well have been a Muppet, the most simpering wet guy I’ve seen in a long time. Amy Adams was a good fit, but seems to be frustratingly stuck in a pigeonhole – how long ago was Enchanted? The new Muppet, Walter, was a nondescript buzzkill (and what the hell was that whistling thing about?).

Oh how awful, I must be dead inside! (blah blah). Happily the Muppets themselves were pretty much as they used to be, and the strong characters of Kermit and Piggy did their best to overpower the sense that I just didn’t have enough memories of the franchise for nostalgia to keep the film afloat. I did get the impression I was supposed to know several more of the faces there aside from the core group (TNT guy?)

This is all very negative isn’t it? It wasn’t a bad film, but I think saying it’s an all-rounder would be a mistake. Muppets are fun for kids, and grown-up original fans, but I found little there for me. The story was pretty wafer-thin, the baddie was astonishingly lacking in effort (isn’t he a millionaire? Why is he backing a cheap looking car into a telephone pole himself?).

Also there was this AWFUL kid in the audience who was just shouting and running around. I suppose I can’t really pin that on the film though, the witch of a mother took it out after an infuriating HOUR.

I just didn’t get the fuss, sorry… I will always keep a fondness for the Muppets, but if this is the future of their cinematic ventures, then count me out. Sesame Street on the other hand…


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