Single: Whitney Houston – “Step by Step” (1997)

What a shame, it looked like she might just be getting free of the vices that took her life and career in such a terrible direction, and suddenly she’s gone

I must admit, she’d never had the influence on me that she evidently had on a lot of people, I was never really exposed to that sort of soul influence that Whitney embodied, but getting 2000’s Greatest Hits collection (fabulous cover, incidentally) did kick things off for me.

I feel like I should have gotten into her music more, and it’s a shame that something like this has to happen to spur me on. But I will give a special mention to my favourite Whitney song. It’s not quite got the same notoriety as her massive (and brilliant) power ballads like “I will always love you” and “One moment in time”, but it never fails to uplift me.

It’s got this winter-warmer feeling, really fondly reminds me of my teens when this came out, as an early 1997 release from the soundtrack to “The Preacher’s Wife” in which she starred.

It starts simply, a nice acapella intro, some flurries of gospel and some subtle synths and shimmering sound effects. It’s relentless and uplifting, and builds into a totally joyous climax. No massive glory notes, just soul and positivity.

R.I.P. Whitney


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