Single: Natalie Imbruglia – “That Day” (2001)

Oh even now I get a chill and a rush of nostalgia when I hear the opening chords of this one.

The lead single from that ‘difficult second album’ “White Lilies Island”, Natalie was coming (perhaps a little late) with a followup to the surprisingly credible and popular debut “Left of the middle” that shifted massive amounts of its own lead single “Torn”.

(totally ill-fitting artwork though, whoops. Who signed THIS off?)

I’ve always found her quite a likeable celebrity, not too extravagant, but someone you think would be fun to go for a coffee with. Not least because of my memories of her on the Graham Norton show sucking tea up through a chocolate TimTam (funny how things stick with you). She’s also totally beautiful.

I was deep in my female singer-songwriter phase at this point, and consuming music like a crazy person, thanks to the rise of cheap internet outlets like This is really NOT the most commerical thing to shift albums with, particularly albums that have the deliciously appealing “Wrong Impression” on them. Though fair enough that is definitely a Spring/Summer single.

“That Day” is a real breathless stream of consciousness, with an impassioned Natalie barely pausing for breath in the delivery of the vocals. It’s not a particularly fast tempo, so that makes it all the more strange to hear such haste. The guitars are lovely, there’s a real melancholic tone to them, but it’s somehow optimistic and uncertain at the same time, like something big’s coming, and she’s not entirely carefree about it, but it could be amazing. Oh I don’t know, just listen to it.

The chorus is tricky, but well-defined. It’s fun to try and keep up by singing along to this. That outro “So sweet, can you feel it” is just lovely. The video sort of worked, just her walking down a dark corridor towards the sun. She’s a bit dead-eyed, and it all looks a bit cheap, not quite the flashy big comeback, or the eye-candy gloss of the “Wrong Impression” video.

The parent album “White Lilies Island” had a consistent sound, perhaps too much of it, but had a real mood to it, that sort of subdued feel that you get when you come into Winter. The days are darker, you wrap up warmer… it just fits the tone of the album really. I don’t think she’s made a brilliant album at any point, but there is always good stuff on them. “That Day” really has a special place in my heart though.


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