Single: Kelly Clarkson – “Don’t waste your time” (2007)

What do we have now? Let’s call this a ‘troubled’ single from a ‘troubled’ album campaign for inaugural American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson.

The campaign for Kelly’s third studio album “My December” didn’t really go to plan, to say the least. There was a public feud between Kelly and her label about the release of the album, with label boss Clive Davis wanting to pretty much start from scratch when the album wasn’t exactly the laugh-a-minute pop ride of the massive hit album “Breakaway” that preceded it.

This was Kelly’s “artist” album, and she wasn’t going to let anybody mess around with it. Despite critical praise, the album didn’t live up to the high watermark set by “Breakaway”, and lead single “Never again” made little impact worldwide. I thought it was pretty good though, but what do I know? I can’t say I’ve really given “My December” much of a go, I did buy it as a default purchase after “Breakway” but I ended up selling it, but I should really give it another go.

Anyway, so this was the aborted second UK single, with a pretty swish fairytale video to go with it. Doesn’t really work out for our brave heroine, as some creeping vines prevent Prince Charming’s big entrance (he doesn’t even realise she’s there by the end). It’s a pretty straightforward pop-rock track, but I like the melody that Kelly really exercises well. The chorus might not be totally instant, but I really like her vocals. The video helped I think to steer my perception in a more pop direction; with a more rocky boring video I might never have paid attention. How shallow.

Fortunately she went on to bigger things, with a poptastic comeback single in the shape of “My life would suck without you” a few years ago, and what looks like another successful comeback album in “Stronger”. Looks like she got away with it.


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