Single: Taio Cruz – “Break your heart” (2009)

Oh my iTunes isn’t in a good mood with me tonight. By the way, I’d just like to apologise for a rather lazy fourth one of these in a row. I had planned to see Mission Impossible 4 tonight but I’ve had to delay until Monday. I’ll try to do a proper album review tomorrow.

So anyway yeah, Taio Cruz. He’s not doing badly for himself, but it’s quite a generic sound isn’t it? He came along just at the right time to hit the cresting wave of dance-pop-RnB-etc that was taking over, and even managed to stage a surprise crossover to the USA. Not that you’d guess he was British in the first place, but that’s usually the way, we can only usually get in by camouflage.

It’s not even as though he was a bit star in the UK, his first album getting a few minor hits and selling enough to justify a bigger assault on the charts with second (horribly titled) album “Rokstarr”. This song did a great job of launching the project, becoming a Transatlantic No.1, and a hit across Europe.

Grudgingly I can see why, it’s very catchy and that chorus is pretty darn memorable. The production works well, a nice soft mix of electronic dance beats. On that level I really like this song.

It falls down somewhat when you listen to the lyrics, or even worse, see the video. He’s so confident that the person he’s singing to couldn’t HELP but fall in love with him, he’s avoiding the responsibility for any heartbreak caused by him (because he’s such a well-endowed playa, etc) by WARNING them that he’s going to be a prick. How charming! The start of the video is even worse, when Taio and some faceless model have a smug-off in the front of his very expensive car (because he’s a rockstar – sorry, rokstarr), briefly trading cliche one-liners before jetting off on a very expensive speedboat and eyeing loads of honeyz and generally making “Damn gurrl” faces. Give me a BREAK.

Any positivity I had for him is total destroyed by the cringeworthy display of dick-swinging. He might be having hits now though (or at least, in 2009/10), but a lot of much bigger artists are doing the same sort of sound now, I have to wonder how far he’s going to get from this point.


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