Single: Kosheen – “Hungry” (2002)

I miss 2002, I think I had hit a bit of a musical renaissance during that time, while I was at university. I diversified into all sorts of stuff back then, among these were the watered-down Drum ‘n’ Bass sounds of Kosheen. I learnt today that their name comes from Japanese readings of the characters for ‘old’ and ‘new’: ko & shin. Thanks Wikipedia!


After their breakthrough in 2011 with “Hide U”, “Hungry” was their third major single from debut album “Resist”, and one that evidently wasn’t trying to scare away radio programmers. At the time I thought it was quite a hard beat-driven track, but these days it sounds quite light on production, even a little bit flimsy.

Not to say I don’t like it, the video might look a bit cheap in the cold light of 2012, but it’s set in the gloriously sinister main hall of London’s National History Museum, with that massive dinosaur skeleton (or at least I think that’s where it is). Lots of hair tossing and sideways emo looks to camera, though we didn’t call them emos then did we? Even a Neverending Story style scare with a snarling wolf face, and a few creepy twitches by stuffed animals in their display cases.

The song itself is memorable, and a lot more instantly commercial than most of their offerings. It didn’t perform spectacularly, peaking at No.13 in the UK, but kept the album afloat for a time. Kosheen never quite matched their original peak commercially, though they managed another top 10 single with their followup (also top 10) album Kokopelli before descending back into obscurity. They are on the comeback trail this year, perhaps spurred on by vocalist Sian Evans’ surprise #1 hit in 2011 on DJ Fresh’s “Louder”. But are the public hungry for more? (tee hee…).

Anyway, I might need to track down “Hide U” again now, that was pretty good wasn’t it?


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