Single: Tinie Tempah ft Ellie Goulding – “Wonderman” (2011)

So let’s do another random track from iTunes while I think of something worthwhile to write about. A bit of a departure from the music I normally write about at least.


So at the start of last year there was a ‘much anticipated’ duet by two hotly-acclaimed artists who I can’t imagine anyone anticipated would ever cross paths. But here we are. Labrinth-produced, and it sounds good for it, I like the more electronica feel of it than the usual bass-heavy offerings Tinie had come out with before now.

This didn’t provide him with his third No.1, in fact it even missed the top 10, maybe it was too much of an oddity to really break through to the mainstream.

I don’t MIND Tinie, he’s obviously popular in his field, and I did sort of like “Pass Out”, but that’s about it. Same goes for Ellie Goulding really, but it’s more that she’s not particularly exciting. I once had dental surgery while the whole album played, maybe that’s aversion therapy. Somehow the mix of the two goes well together, though it’s more of a benefit to Ellie, whose sweet voice outside its comfort zone works pretty well.

I really hate Tinie’s rapping though, the petrol/Kestrel/stressful rhyme a particularly awful example. He just pads out time with some UH noises a lot of the time.

The video is pretty flash though, good job on that.


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