Game on! Achievement unlocked

I used to be a real gamer nerd as a kid, ever since I got a Master System II back in … oh Christ knows, let’s just say it’s been a while. I even remember writing an amateur gaming newsletter when I was 8. It even had copycats doing their own after a while! With geeky hobbies like that, who could have known I’d grow up to be such a well-rounded member of society eh? (…)

Anyway you don’t need my life story, save that for a slow blogging day. But the truth is that I’ve struggled to get too interested in gaming in recent years. Sure there will always be series like Final Fantasy and Pokemon I’ll always have time for, and I even had a bit of a renaissance in the Nintendo DS years, but I’m having trouble these days to find appealing games.

The 3DS hasn’t inspired quite the revival the DS did, but it seems to be finding its feet a bit now. Though Mario Kart 7 has disappointed and infuriated me in a way Mario Kart DS never did. I’m slowly pootling through Super Mario 3D Land though, with Sonic Generations, Pokemon Super Rumble and the latest Professor Layton (on DS)  to see me through to Animal Crossing’s eventual release. God I’m SO excited about that.

My XBox360 had a troublesome start but I’ve been dipping in and out of that too. Sonic Generations is half-amazing half-annoying at the moment, and Final Fantasy XIII-2 is just around the corner. The best bit is the achievement points though, it totally taps into my OCD collector side, and I think it’s a real oversight that the 3DS didn’t get on board with a similar system. I’ll let the Wii off since it’s the oldest console of the generation.

Speaking of the Wii, I’m getting more interested in the ‘amended’ Wii belonging to my housemate. The key here is the two-player co-operative mode improves the enjoyment level greatly. I’m not too fussed with the Wii Super Mario Bros game on my own, but we had a fun evening finishing off a saved game from the penultimate stage. Donkey Kong Country Returns was good too, but nothing beats a good Mario game really.

Oddly, the most fun I had yesterday in my bumper game spree was 2-player co-op on Bubble Bobble Neo from XBox Live Arcade. AMAZING. We even finished it, I don’t think I’ve ever got that far before! Maybe the old ones ARE the best ones. Sonic Generations has certainly added weight to that argument anyway.

Might do some reviews on some of these games at some point. This blog needs more reviews doesn’t it? …


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