Single: Pink – Raise your glass (2010)

I dropped this idea pretty quickly didn’t I? For those of you just joining me, I thought that to inspire me to write more regularly, I should just fire up iTunes and let it pick a song for me. So here we are.

This is a bit of a slow-burner for me. I had long anticipated a pretty solid greatest hits collection from Pink, despite never been that enticed by any of her albums. In fairness I didn’t really give any of them much of a chance, except perhaps her blockbuster Missundaztood (I hate that spelling).

I also wrote off this lead single as a reasonable but quite expected song from her about being an underdog. Gaga’s been parading up and down this stretch of ground for a little while, and generally pop culture seems to be celebrating the misfits lately, so it wasn’t exactly filling a void.

Maybe I focused too much on the message, because over the course of a year, involving a Glee cover and several appearances on movie trailers, and one office Christmas party, it revealed itself to have a killer chorus that I’m enjoying more and more these days.

Happily it became her second solo No.1 in the US, and a big hit elsewhere (I suspect it sold a lot more in the UK than the No.13 peak suggests). It’s a hell of a lot more fun than followup “Fuckin’ Perfect”. So Max Martin comes up with the goods again, and I’m sure she’ll have no trouble coming back with more hits when the next studio album comes along.


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