Here’s to another year, where do we go from here?

That sounds like a song lyric doesn’t it? Well it’s not, maybe this is just the start of the best song ever that I’ve just started writing. I probably shouldn’t keep writing it, I’ve probably nicked the tune from somewhere else knowing me.

Anyway, happy new year everyone. Or is it Happy New Year? Can some typographical pedant please advise.

I forgot how forced it feels when I try to write something readable for the blog, maybe that’s why I’ve got stuck into a routine of only posting reviews, I’m not directly thinking about the blog. So is that how I should continue? I’ve got a load of reviews written for several artists that I’ve posted elsewhere, so I could migrate those over if you’re into that.

I want this blog to do well, and I’m pleased to see rather unexpected spikes in readership each day, even if most of them are Swiss Roll Bowl Cake-related, but I’m not sure what I’m doing well.

Please leave a comment if you want more reviews, or what. Maybe I can take requests?  Would be nice to hear from people anyway though.

Here’s a bit of cliche but still lovely music.


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