My Bjork Top 20: #10-6

10. Earth intruders
From Volta

Right, top 10 and perhaps a bit of a surprise to see something from Volta making the upper echelon, but it has really grown on me with repeated listens. Timbaland produced it but I can’t say it’s recognisably his. A clattery tribal beat rattles through most of the song, and keeps it full of life and colour. Probably the last really good song she’s made, let’s hope it’s not THE last.


9. Army of me
From Post

Back to Post, and the opening track this time, a menacing thunderous warning shot to someone who’s got on the wrong side of Bjork (never a good place to be). You can’t really respond to a threat like “If you complain once more, you’ll meet an army of me”. Her drawling vocals give this a bit of an odd feel, and that deep dark bassline really sets the mood in the most amazing way. Don’t MESS.


8. Triumph of a heart
From Medulla

Again a bit of a surprise to see anything off Medulla this high up, though to be honest it felt a bit tacked-on to the final album tracklist, so it might be a case of the label going “shit, there are no singles on this album” and taking emergency measures. A wonderfully weird video around a spat between Bjork and her partner (played by a shapeshifting cat, naturally). OK it might seem a bit forced weird, but it fits the odd feel to the track. Powered mainly by human voices, this is as close we get to some sort of commercial dance song on the album, and I think they do a pretty top job of that.


7. Hunter
From Homogenic

Opening shot from the experimental Homogenic, with a totally mesmerising video, I never get tired of seeing her gradually turn into a bear in the otherwise quite simple video shot. It just fits the erratic rhythm so well, I love it. Then there is that string section used to brilliant effect, and meshing so well with the modern beats. Dripping with drama, and one of the real moments of that album.


6. Isobel
From Post

One of the lost little gems from Post now, though apparently this was a single. A real fairytale of a song, lots of shivering string instruments, and some clunky rhythms over the top (as you’ve gathered, this is a good sort of theme for me). It’s very mysterious and atmospheric, not particularly special in its own right like some of the more showy tracks on Post, but had its own special magic. Those STRINGS though!


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