Movie: Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011)

I haven’t done a movie for a while have I? Actually now I think about it, I haven’t done much at all lately … sorry about that. I worked last weekend so I broke out of my usual dull routine, but that’s over now.

Anyhoo, I went to see the latest Twilight movie on Friday. I think that might be opening night, does that mean I’m a Twi-Hard now? I didn’t mean it to happen, honestly. I enjoyed the original Twilight movie in a sort of semi-ironic laughing-at-how-po-faced-it-all-is kind of way, but still have some sort of warmth to it.

New Moon on the other hand, I thought was a lot of rubbish. Perhaps it was the high expectations after the first film, but it just didn’t work. My friend strong-armed me into seeing the third one, which was better but bloated with too many minor characters and boring tribal sub-plots. So what of this first part of the last adaptation?

You know what? It wasn’t bad. Soapy and OTT but it was a diverting two hours and segmented enough to keep interesting.

The inital wedding section was actually rather lovely. Bella is still a cold fish but it was quite a heartwarming first act, with more emphasis on the wedding than the supernatural politics.

Jacob was clinging onto his status as the other male lead, with his hopeless delivery – of what was presumably supposed to be emotion – was still absent. He did better as a sulky set of abs (something we hardly saw).

The slimmed-down cast (aside from a cast reunion at the wedding), particularly the Cullens, were well defined and I did grow attached to them. Less so for the wolf clan (apart from the two defectors, BooBoo whatshisname and … that woman), and Bella’s parents, the kooky mother and permanently worried father, who did little to add to the film.

So that leaves Edward and Bella up to their usual angst and psychobabble. It was fairly reined in, though there were some moments that dragged. Bella’s transformation was striking and believable (!) but her stubbornness to die instead of getting rid of the evil baby was never really explained and did little to endear us to the permanently miserable Bella.

Not sure I got all the ‘jokes’. Well I am sure I did, but they were just little asides at best, but was met by a wave of chuckles from the sold-out cinema screen. ?!?. At least I could understand the collective groan when the baby names were announced. Renesme sounds more like a celebrity fragrance from Superdrug, yuck.


Wow, not a lot of positives here are there? As a franchise it’s just finding its level after the unexpected success of the original movie, and it was pacy enough to justify a separate movie from 2012’s Part 2. I think I’m in this one until the end….




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