Single: Carpenters – “Rainy days and Mondays” (1971)

Oh dear 😦 Time for a ray of sunshine from my iTunes, it’s as if it KNOWS I’m having a miserable week.

A bit of an oddity in my collection to have older artists in there, I’ve always felt more at home with more modern artists; only really venturing into the 70s with this pair, ABBA and a bit of Kate Bush. I do have a soft spot for Carpenters though, and this is one of their signature hits. Possibly this was ruined by one of those cloying Tetley Tea adverts, but I’ll try to ignore that.

Karen Carpenter really had a gorgeous voice, smooth as silk and capable of such melancholy. I guess that makes sense given the way she died (and that makes it even sadder somehow).

On the face, it’s a bit of a contradiction having somewhat upbeat production, like Julie Andrews singing about when she’s sad, sort of a brave face on the misery. It’s not all doom and gloom, Karen sings about a special someone who makes all the sadness go away.

I feel like I need to know more backstory to this, but I really hear the sentiment loud and clear.


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