Single: Jennifer Lopez – On the floor (ft Pitbull) (2011)

Right so I’m trying something new. Album reviews are all well and good (if anyone is reading them), but they take a week or so to prepare for, and an hour or so to write. So why not just stil my iPod on shuffle and do a track at a time? GREAT IDEA, I’m glad you all agree. I haven’t got the heart to Google this and see if anyone else is doing it, because I’m sure they are.

So let’s see what comes up. I promise not to cheat (often).


1) Jennifer Lopez – On the floor (ft Pitbull)

OK I wasn’t expecting such a new track, but I guess that’s as good a place to start as any.

So J.Lo’s big comeback hit eh? Who saw that coming? Not me anyway, she was a bit of a spent force (at least in the UK) a few albums ago, I’m not sure she even released the last one. And yet the world kept turning. I’m glad she had such a convincing hit though, she’s had some pretty great tracks in her time (If you had my love, Play, Waiting for tonight … quite old ones aren’t they?). Christ, has it been 10  years since Play? 😦

This time she borrows the Lambada, a fact I’m less and less aware of, it just feels part of the song now. I guess that’s a good use of the music then. Pitbull doesn’t add much apart from some gadonk-a-donks, but makes it feel like a very current (i.e. like everything else) track. Well done everyone.



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