Movie: Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

I’ve just come back from seeing Crazy, Stupid, Love. I was expecting something middling, in that not-quite-indie but not-quite-mainstream way, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Possibly it’s my favourite film of the year so far. I can’t be scientifically sure until I analyse all the ticket stubs I’ve collected this year, and probably done something involving test-tubes and fuming beakers.

I was alarmed when someone pointed out how much of the plot is similar to Will Smith’s “Hitch”, one of my most hated of films, but maybe this teaches me some lesson about cinema that I’m too dense to pick up.

The cast were largely great, though I am getting a bit tired of Steve Carrell’s sad clown schtick. Ryan Gosling is now officially super hot, not sure where that came from, he always used to look a bit unusual. His character was just insanely sexy. Julianne Moore and Emma Stone were wonderful too (though Emma didn’t have a huge amount to do in comparison), even the kids were pretty good. Special mention to the babysitter’s chat with the school slut, and Emma’s Asian friend. Was that Josh Groban as the douchey lawyer boyfriend??

Anyway, the writing was amazing, I was constantly smiling or laughing at some of the lines in that. That’s sort of an achievement, I’m quite dead inside. I did NOT see the twist coming, for some reason.

A few bits fell a bit flat, the compulsory “end of second act” conflict felt a bit too forced on some fronts (son vs dad, dad vs Ryan that he was friends with before), when it could have easily rested on fewer storylines. I mean Carrell’s character falling out with Gosling’s character, OK fine, but it would have been a lot easier to buy if we hadn’t had that scene where Gosling tells Carrell that he’s really falling for the girl.

Fine, it laid it on a little thick with the sentimentality towards the end, but it was a great and absorbing film, which I totally needed today.

The icecream could have been better though, I should have just got a single cup of Hokey Pokey.

The trailers were pretty crummy too, that “New Year’s Eve” in particular. GAH! Brought back terrible memories of another most-hated movie, “He’s just not that into you”. DIE!


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