Pastures new

Every 2 days, that seems like a sensible post rate, doesn’t it? Hey, don’t crowd me.

I hate flat-hunting, which is unfortunate because that’s exactly what I’ve had to do.

I was going to say I’ve been burned before, but it’s not been that bad. I miss my 1-bed flat in the dead centre of town. It was lovely but expensive. I could just about afford it, and ended up crashing into the credit card after an expensive holiday, so I had to downsize.

But then blundered straight into a 6-bed house with at least two relatively unbalanced tenants. I’ve managed to shake them loose, but I’m back at my parents’ now (I’ll go into why at a later date). I just didn’t want a huge house with more freaks, and I can’t really afford a nice 1-bed place.

God, this is  a boring tale. Anyway I found somewhere, hopefully he’ll let me in. It’s a 2-bed, and he seems very nice, so I’ll most likely go for it.

I need to write more interesting stuff. I’ll be reviewing the back catalogue of Bjork over the rest of the year, how about that?

Hope he’s not mental.


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