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Pastures new

Every 2 days, that seems like a sensible post rate, doesn’t it? Hey, don’t crowd me.

I hate flat-hunting, which is unfortunate because that’s exactly what I’ve had to do.

I was going to say I’ve been burned before, but it’s not been that bad. I miss my 1-bed flat in the dead centre of town. It was lovely but expensive. I could just about afford it, and ended up crashing into the credit card after an expensive holiday, so I had to downsize.

But then blundered straight into a 6-bed house with at least two relatively unbalanced tenants. I’ve managed to shake them loose, but I’m back at my parents’ now (I’ll go into why at a later date). I just didn’t want a huge house with more freaks, and I can’t really afford a nice 1-bed place.

God, this is  a boring tale. Anyway I found somewhere, hopefully he’ll let me in. It’s a 2-bed, and he seems very nice, so I’ll most likely go for it.

I need to write more interesting stuff. I’ll be reviewing the back catalogue of Bjork over the rest of the year, how about that?

Hope he’s not mental.

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Spectator cookery

Now, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been particularly bored, but I’ve been watching a lot of cooking shows this week.

“The Great British Bake Off” on BBC2 has been a particular pleasure. I’d say it was a bit like Masterchef but that’s a very lazy comparison, with only really the competition element intact. None of the dramatic music like the chefs are rushing to defuse a bomb, no hard-hitting judgements. Actually I guess they are in there, but they are just at natural levels, not amped-up like most reality TV shows. It’s just a quite good-natured baking contest.

Now I’m not a great cook. Not to the degree where I proudly tell everyone I’ve never boiled an egg (which people are either lying about, or pricks for being proud of it). I’m stuck firmly in a post-university rut, producing easy, unadventurous all-in-a-pan dishes in barely more than 10 minutes. I mean they are fine, but there are only so many variations of stir-fry, korma or bolognese you can make.

My baking skills are even worse. In my previous flat (I miss it) the electric oven had no instructions, and indecipherable symbols on the dials. As a result, my brief fad of baking was continually hitting a wall when I was trying to grill everything (usually sponge cake). I swear it was an easy mistake to make, I’m not mentally handicapped.

But I have so little faith in my kitchen skills that I just end up watching cooking shows for entertainment rather than personal growth. Is that normal? Even the easy recipes don’t tempt me to try it myself. I guess I have the excuse that I’m cooking for myself 99% of the time, and most recipes are far too involved to bother scaling down. Also I am lazy.

I’m sure I could try the recipe I just saw on Lorraine Pascal’s “Home cooking made easy”, where she basically cut up some shop-bought swiss rolls, lined a bowl with them, and tipped 5(!) tubs of chocolate icecream into the middle and re-froze it.

What the hell would I do with that much ice-cream cake though?!

Update: I always get loads of random traffic for this post, presumably looking for the recipe. Since I might as well give people what they want, I posted the recipe here: LINK!


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A very good place to start

Is that a bit of a cliche for a first post title? I wonder. Well get used to it, I like using cliches, they save me having to think of something brand new every time.

Anyway, hello. While this isn’t my first blog (I hope the first to get beyond a week), I don’t know about blog etiquette. I don’t even know if there’s a word for that, like “blogiquette” for people who like to sound like they are up-to-date with the latest web slang (or “webslang”).

It can’t be blogiquette, can it? Even a French person would struggle with that, I think. Not that I’m singling out the French, it just looks a bit French. Oh I’m rambling now, this isn’t going well.

ANYWAY, hello. I suppose now I’ve committed myself to making a big deal about this being the first post, I should set out some sort of mission statement about what this blog will be about.

The truth is, I don’t really know, I just want to start writing, and I need practice. I’ve had a lot of practice already on a messageboard that I’ve spent a LOT of time on. I’ve chatted, I’ve done reviews for things, countdown lists etc. Maybe I’ll end up doing that here too, amongst other stuff. Frankly, if anyone reads it I’ll be amazed.

But if you ARE reading, then hello reader, I hope you enjoy it and bear with me, and tell your friends etc. I like the idea of being some web celebrity making money from sitting on my arse and typing.

Laterz! xoxoxo

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